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Portland Parks and Recreation Insurance Requirements

Porltand Parks and Recreation LogoHosting a National Night Out party in the Portland Parks requires that the host acquire specified insurances and coverage, these requirements are set by Portland Parks and Recreation. Information on obtaining insurance required to use city facilities and venues can be found here:

  • The Permittee is required to provide public liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage in the sum of $2,000,000 naming the City of Portland, its officers and employees as additional insured.   
  • The Insurance required for your permit may be purchased from a variety of sources. You may choose to purchase from a private agent.
  • Many homeowner’s policies or other insurance agencies offer coverage for an event, or a special rider can be purchased.
  • The Certificate of Insurance must state the date(s) of coverage, provide public liability for bodily injury and property damage in the sum of $2,000,000, and name the City of Portland, its officers and employees as Certificate holders.
    • CG 20 12 11 88
    • CG 20 12 11 85
    • CG 20 12 07 98
    • CG 20 26 07 04
  • This insurance is designed specifically for users of city facilities and venues so it meets our agreement requirements and is often more cost effective than options listen above.
  • TULIP coverage does NOT require an Additional Insured Endorsement as it is built into the policy.
  • Coverage is provided for the majority of events, however large scale events, or events with dangerous or risky activities, may be excluded.
  • Catered and Hosted Beer and Wine are included in the basic coverage and do not require the upgraded alcohol insurance.
  • Additional Insured Endorsement Letter must be signed by the Authorized Insurance Representative and returned with the Certificate of Insurance. If your      agent is unable to sign the City’s Additional Insured Endorsement, they may provide another standardized form such as :
  • Tenant Users Liability Policy (TULIP) makes liability and property coverage available for those using city facilities or venues.

Additional Information on the TULIP program can be found here:


If you would like to connect with you Neighborhood Association to assist with planning an National Night Out Party, find your Neighborhood Association online at: Neighborhood Associations have a working partnership with Portland Parks and Recreation which provides waived park fees for National Night Out, and they provide insurance required by Portland Parks and Recreation to host a National Night Out party. 

The following items or activities are not allowed or approved with this permit. Items not listed above or indicated below are not allowed without supervisory approval.

Alcohol is not allowed in a park for National Night Out.

Entrance fees may not be taken.

Fencing is not allowed.

Inflatables or amusement rides and equipment are not allowed.

LIMITED USE PERMIT - Conditions of use


On the day of the event, please remember that you must take your garbage with you. The Permittee is responsible for cleaning all garbage, litter, and debris created by the event and for removing it from the park. We suggest you bring extra garbage bags to ensure all your garbage is removed. Parks may charge the Permittee for garbage not picked up or for garbage bags left in the park.


Donations are limited to those made to the Neighborhood Association itself and may not exceed $1,000 in total. Limited Non-Food Sales allowed with supervisory approval.


The use of canopies no larger than 10’ x 10’ is approved with this permit.


The use of stakes is NOT approved due to in-ground utilities and irrigation.


The use of tents is NOT approved with this permit without supervisor approval.


These and all similar entertainment structures are NOT approved with this permit.


The use of BBQ grills is approved. Grills must be a minimum of six inches off the ground. Used briquettes and ashes must be removed from the park for disposal. Protective covering, suitable to contain spills and restrict heat, must be placed under the BBQs.


Cooking is approved under the terms of this permit. If the public is invited, all cooking units must meet all state, county, and city health and safety standards. Contact County Health Department at 503-988-3400 for additional information. All gas (propane) grills must be inspected onsite by the Fire Bureau, 503-823-3955. A protective covering, suitable to contain spills and restrict heat, must be placed under units.


Permittee shall provide one portable restroom for every 125 expected in attendance. If one is required it must be ADA approved. If more than one is required, then 5% must be ADA approved. All portable restrooms must be approved for placement. All toilets must be delivered the same day as event and picked up no later than the morning of the following day. Any damage to the park or toilets due to vandalism if left overnight is the Permittee’s responsibility.


No equipment may be left in the park overnight without Parks’ approval.


Smoking is not allowed on Portland Parks and Recreation property per Title 20.12.110.