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River Community Advisory Committee (RCAC)/ Floating Structures Appeals Board

Deadline for Applicants: Open until filled, no later than July 1, 2019

Staff Liaison:  David Tebeau Bureau of Development Services



Application: (instructions below)

Purpose and Role of the Floating Structure Code Board of Appeals:

  The Floating Structure Code Board of Appeals serves as an Additional Resource to the Floating Home/Structure Community. An aggrieved Floating Structure Owner may request the Floating Structure Board of Appeals to hear a reconsideration of those Final Decisions rendered by The City’s Administrative Code Board of Appeals in consideration of alternate Methods, Materials or interpretation regarding title 28 “Floating Structure Code”. This Board would be available to hear such reconsiderations and render its independent judgement, potentially reversing the City’s Administrative Building Code Appeals Board original decision.

 This Board will only meet on an “as Needed” basis and will be best served by Individuals with a strong back ground in Floating Home Code(title28), Construction and Best Practices.

 Purpose and Role of the Bureau and Advisory Body:

The City of Portland recognizes the River Community as an important part of the City’s overall vitality and livability, and that Floating Structures by their nature are a “Water Dependent Activity”.  As such, Title 28 was written and adopted in conjunction with the RCAC to promote the public’s health, safety and welfare through the regulation of floating structures and their appurtenances. 

 These regulations recognize that waterborne structures, by their very nature, confront different environmental factors than do structures located on land.  Furthermore, it is recognized that waterborne structures have distinctive design requirements such that strict adherence or application of the land-oriented Specialty Codes is not always appropriate and that modifications or exceptions should be made in appropriate circumstances in the application of those codes. This is why the RCAC is a vital component for input in the administration of this Code.

Committee activities include:

  • Providing leadership and expertise on issues affecting floating structures;
  • Providing feedback to the Director on the impact of potential regulations and administrative rules on floating structures, taking into consideration the full range of City goals and objectives;
  • Providing recommendations for regulatory, code, and administrative rule changes affecting floating structures;
  • Monitoring the application and enforcement of regulations for their effectiveness in achieving the City’s goals;
  • Recommending customer service, permitting, process, and compliance improvements to the Director; and,
  • Serving as an advisory board to the Director on processes and procedures under Title 28.



To be eligible to serve on the River Community Advisory Committee (RCAC), members must live, play, worship, work or do business in the City of Portland AND shall include representatives from any of the following categories: floating home resident, marina operator, floating structures contractor, floating structures design professional, yacht club member, and on the water business owner.

 Total number of advisory seats: 6

Number of seats available: 3

Desired Attributes

  • You believe in the value of public participation in government process
  • You are an advocate for racial equity
  • You are available to attend all meetings and participate in the discussions 

Terms & Time Commitment

  • The River Community Advisory Committee shall meet at least five times yearly and as otherwise necessary to conduct its business. 
  •   Appointment to the River Community Advisory Committee shall be for a 3yr term
  • Members are expected to prepare for meetings on their own time. Arrive ready to discuss meeting materials and agenda items. Meeting materials for review may be sent with minimal time to review, potentially as few as 48 hours in advance.

Public Official Conflict of Interest Notice

Those selected to serve on this body will be legally considered public officials for the duration of their service. As such, they will be required to publicly disclose potential conflicts of interest. If potential conflicts of interest are not disclosed, individual members are subject to education or monetary sanctions from the Oregon Government Ethics Commission. Having potential conflicts of interest does not preclude you from serving on this body and may not impact your ability to participate fully on this body. Stakeholders often have potential conflicts of interest by the nature of having interest in the work. The Conflict of Interest Disclosure is included in the application. Please fill all conflicts of interest on your application.

Application Process

Open until filled, likely July 1, 2019


To talk with someone about this opportunity or to receive assistance completing the application, please contact the advisory body staff liaison David Tebeau 503 823 4072,

Voluntary & Confidential Demographic Information

The City is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity and uses provided demographic information to help ensure that advisory body appointments represent a broad cross-section of community. Your information will not be used during the recruitment nor the selection process. State and federal law prohibit use of this information to discriminate against you. The City will treat this information as confidential to the fullest extent allowed by law. Questions about this may be sent to

General Questions

For general questions about the Advisory Bodies program, the recruitment process, or other upcoming advisory body opportunities please email

 We Encourage You to Apply

We welcome you to browse our website to learn more about host bureau. Please go to:

Applications are open until filled, no later than July 1, 2019. To talk with someone about these opportunities or to receive assistance completing the application, please contact the advisory body staff liaison David Tebeau 503-823-4072,