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North Portland Trust Fund Grant Recipients Announced

North Portland community groups receive $35,000 to support their work with at-risk youth, communities of color, urban agriculture, neighborhood beautification, historic preservation, neighborhood resilience, environmental education and empowerment and food injustice.

North Portland Neighborhood Services, in a unique partnership with Portland Parks and Recreation, Portland International Raceway and Green Savoree and the participating neighborhoods of Kenton, Arbor Lodge and Overlook announce the recipients of the North Portland Trust Fund (NPTF). Goals of the NPTF include: increase community connections, engage historically marginalized communities and sustain and strengthen existing programs.

The NPTF Placemaking grant program provides resources for small scale community building projects and emerging grass roots organizations to fill a funding gap for volunteer-based groups to improve and expand collaborations with diverse community organizations.

Funding has been awarded for the following projects:

Peace Lutheran Church (predominantly Caucasian) and Blessed Temple Community Church (predominantly African American) will bring neighbors together for a picnic dinner. The North Portland Community Fair provides activities and resources such as school supplies and clothing for youth creating a positive and lasting impact in the community.

Friends of Overlook House, a historic nonprofit community center, run by volunteers, will improve their website and increase outreach for event rentals to supplement costs for building repairs.

The Historic Kenton Firehouse, a historic building, offers free or reduced rates to 35 community groups and partners, will replace tables purchased over 20 years ago. 

The Seeds of Harmony Community Garden managed by Village Gardens in New Columbia supports 70 multi-lingual families to grow and cultivate their own food. Village Gardens will create an outdoor kitchen to gather for the sharing of meals, community building and connection.

St Johns Center for Opportunity will revitalize the Good Samaritan Food Pantry, an Oregon Food Bank distribution partner, (which almost closed in 2018), serving an estimated 3600 low income residents in North Portland. 

Camp ELSO provides culturally specific educational science camps and activities that invite youth of color to Experience Life Science Outdoors (ELSO). The Wayfinders Program serves 60% youth who qualify for free/reduce lunch, 87% youth identify as people of color.

Oregon Bravo Youth Orchestra provides tuition free after school programs for 2019-20 school year for 170 underserved youth in high poverty public schools in North Portland. The community concert series celebrates international and cultural diversity in a varied musical program.

Vanport Placemarking project will create a place where stories, memories and the history of Vanport can be told and shared with the public.  Educational signs and display boards will be staged at PIR events.

Ya Ya Resources counsels and works with youth within a culturally specific curriculum to help heal and educate youth about sex trafficking and exploitation.  

The Kenton Farmers Market and community will create a street painting project focusing on food and health at a significant street node, creating space for connection and conversation.

Arbor Lodge and Kenton Neighborhood Emergency Teams (ALKNET) will create neighborhood block-level resiliency through distributed emergency, security, medical supply caches.  

Events, landmarks and neighborhood assets will be highlighted on a new edition of the Kenton Business District map expanding to include Lombard Street businesses.

The Kenton Rose Garden is a local landmark, planted over 25 years ago and maintained by volunteers. The garden will benefit from a new sign and bench allowing more people to enjoy the roses.

The North Portland Tool library is a local asset, with thousands of members, loaning free tools to homeowners, renters and businesses. Staff will provide outreach to local churches and underserved communities.