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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Turn-in options

If you are not able to attend a drug turn-in event, and you have medication to dispose of, please consider these options: 

  • You don’t have to wait for a drug turn-in event to dispose of medications. Take the medication to a participating pharmacy or clinic for disposal year-round! You can locate your nearest drug drop-box by entering your zip code or city in the following search engine located on the Controlled Substance Public Disposal Locations page.
  • Please keep all medication in a safe place until you are able to dispose of it. A medication safe is a great way to control access to your medications, prevent accidental poisonings among young children and prevent the potential for theft.

How To Safely Dispose of Medications to Support Community Health, the Earth, and Our Drinking Water Sources:

  • If you are unable to turn your medication in for safe disposal please do not flush it! Here is more information from the Environmental Protection Agency

Additional Tips

How to Safely and Legally Dispose of syringes and other sharps:

Syringes and other needles can carry hepatitis, HIV and other disease. Putting them in the trash or recycling, or tossing them into the river or on the ground, puts other people at risk. You cannot dispose of syringes and other medical sharps in the garbage because it is illegal in Oregon. Drop off at a Metro hazardous waste neighborhood collection event — Residents can bring used sharps and other household hazardous waste to nearby Metro household hazardous waste collection event for safe collection.

Should medication be in its original container?  

We will accept the medication in its original container. However, to cut back on the amount of packaging turned in at a drug turn-in event, it is helpful if you can consolidate your medications into one bag or leak proof container.

Can medication containers be recycled?

If you are in the City of Portland, you can include your medication containers in with your curbside recycling if they are 6 ounces or bigger (about the size of a yogurt cup). Medication lids and containers smaller than 6 ounces can be put in the trash. For additional questions about recycling medication containers or SHARPS disposal, contact METRO at 503-234-3000. We do not accept sharps at the event.