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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Grantees - Fiscal year 2019-20

Approved by City Council Ordinance 189280 (Nov 28, 2018), City Council Ordinance 189600 (Jul 10, 2019), and City Council Ordinance 181995 (Jul 2, 2008),  $240,000 were made available to the seven organizations and their funded programs / projects listed below:


AORTA - Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance Cooperative, Inc

Project title: Conflict Transformation and Anti-Oppression: Building skills for healthy conflict, and dismantling systems of oppression

Description: Provide workshop series to examine and dismantle systems of oppression, and build healthy systems that allow us to navigate conflict in organizations and personal lives. The workshop topics include Resolution Not Ruins: Conflict Resolution in Your Organization; Healthy Organizational Communication; Decision Making, Anti-Oppressive Meeting Facilitation; Gender Liberation: How to dismantle patriarchy and build liberation for trans and nonbinary people (and us all!); Dismantle Oppression, Build Equity: A Beginning Conversation About Making Change.


Disability Art and Culture Project

Project title: Cool and Collective Disability Dialogue

Description: Hold dialogues two introductory disability culture and justice workshops; two disability culture and justice workshops for those whom self-identify as part of arts and culture communities or are interested in this topic; and two disability culture and justice workshops for those whom self-identify as part of grassroots organizing communities or are interested in this topic.


Oregon Council for the Humanities

Project title: Community Conversations Across Portland

Description: Foster generative dialogue between Portlanders of different opinions, beliefs, and backgrounds by holding three private facilitation trainings, free of charge to a total of 75 City of Portland staff or bureau representatives, to teach skills in leading reflective discussions that participants can apply in their communities. There will be a total of three facilitation trainings.


Portland United Against Hate

Project title: Community Conversations Across Portland

Description: Provide a series of five workshops, four times each, hosted by District Coalition Offices and open to members of other community groups in relationship with the City of Portland, such as advisory bodies and business alliances.


Resolutions Northwest

Project title: Mediation

Description: Provide relevant and responsive community-based mediation and conflict resolution services to targeted populations, including, but not limited to: Communities of color and other marginalized communities and individuals and organizations doing social justice work.


Training 4 Transformation LLC 

Project title: Trauma and Racism

Description: Provide five workshops on Trauma and Racism geared towards helping service providers and community members gain a better understanding of how racism creates trauma in individuals, families and communities. Further, this workshop will help increase participant’s capacity to build resilience and explore tools for connection and healing. This training will be interactive using experiential and adult learning models to maximize engagement. Additionally, it will center the experiences of communities of color. The City of Portland will recruit their networks to attend the workshop. The ideal attendance number will be between 25-40 people.


The Vanport Mosaic

Project title: Stories in Movement: a series of facilitated story circles towards harvesting lessons of hope, resistance, and community resilience for these challenging times

Description: Hold a series of facilitated story circles about the city’s decades-long struggle with gentrification, forced relocation and racial oppression in its North and Northeast neighborhoods. This project is in partnership with Fair Housing Council of Oregon and Darrell Grant/Sanctuaries project.