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January 2020: Access Live!

This month, we begin Access Live, our new initiative to provide in-person access support to people and teams who are ready to be Access Champions.

Let’s dive in together! Like this photo of six bottlenose dolphins mid-jump, it’ll be fun!

[Let’s dive in together! Like this photo of six bottlenose dolphins mid-jump, it’ll be fun!]

Announcing Access Live!

Happy New Year! We have successfully cruised our way through 2019 and thoroughly welcomed 2020.

We have exciting news. In 2020, Civic Life’s Disability Program will offer Access Live: In-person assistance to make access a reality.

As we shared in November 2019, we heard loud and clear that many readers are interested in learning more about accessibility and enthusiastic about putting it into practice. And yet, many people felt they didn’t know how to make changes, weren’t clear on how access relates to their work, or had trouble making the leap from the written word to implementation in our complex, demanding, wildly busy lives.

We honor people’s enthusiasm, and we know we can get from interest to implementation.

But how?

Every month, Civic Life’s Disability Program will offer customized in-person Q&A sessions to dialogue about an Access Tip, answer questions, troubleshoot, and discuss strategies for implementing the information in the Tip in YOUR work. Please note:

  • We are available to meet with teams, small groups, or individuals
  • For fairness sake, teams or groups from the same bureau will be asked to schedule in different months. And on different Access topics, of course!
  • We can offer only two sessions each month, so reach out fast if you want one!
  • Each session has a maximum time of two hours.

How do we get a Q&A Session?!

Email or call Joanne Johnson with:

  • Your name and team name
  • Bureau
  • Which Access Tip do you want to focus on during our Q&A?
  • Why did you choose that Tip? (This is a good place to share specific information about your Bureau’s work, upcoming projects, or ongoing questions on your team.)

What’s the catch?

This is pretty amazing, right? Free, customized technical assistance and consultation, at a time and on a topic of your choice.

Well, there is something the Disability Program needs from you in return. We need to know that the information is going further than our Q&A session. Just like we’re changing the Tips because people are having a hard time implementing them, we need to know what happens after the Q&A Session to know if it’s really offering the support you need.

Here’s what we ask

  1. Any team, group, or individual that has a Q&A session will be asked to share with a fellow City team or group of people of your choice on that topic. This could be your team, another team in your Bureau, or a group in another Bureau if yours is all trained up. You’ll let Joanne know how this sharing goes with a quick email!
  2. And, at the one-month and six-month mark, you’ll be asked to share brief feedback (less than 5 minutes of your time) on how you’ve used what your learned since the Q&A.

See you soon!

We at Civic Life know that access is critical to engaging our communities and creating ways for everyone’s amazing, diverse selves to be part of our dynamic civic dialogue and decision-making. We firmly believe every City staff, no matter how “Bureau-facing” or “Community-facing” their position, has a role to play in making our civic process more welcoming and inclusive. We are beyond delighted to be able to offer this opportunity and cannot wait to talk access with you soon!