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June 21, 2005 Co-Leads Meeting Notes for BIP #9: Public Involvement

Our current work plan task (June-August) is:
Recruit community members.  Hold committee meeting and establish schedule of regular meetings.  Review and discuss workplan, goals/objectives, delegated tasks, and timelines.  Finalize workplan, objectives, and priorities.
Team Membership:
Eight sectors were identified for external membership slots (1 slot unless otherwise noted):  18-35 yrs; Business (2 - 1 small, 1 mid-sized); Consultants (2); Multicultural; Metro staff; Coalition determined (2); Academic; Coalition Executive Director or other staff person.   Potential members will be put into a matrix, based on this criteria.
The group decided to send out the matrix to staff members of the BIP Team for input along with a note that we anticipate a first meeting in August.  External membership suggestions would then be reviewed by the steering group  for final determination.  As for Coalitions, we would solicit their decisions on two members separately.
Meetings (team & coordinating):
First meeting of the full Team will be in August.  We discussed a series of meetings focused on more detailed work plan elements (see work plan below).
We also decided that a coordinating meeting of the leads for BIPs #9, #8, and #3 in August would be a great idea and oppportunity to share work plan concepts and meeting schedules to make sure there is coordination and not duplication.  Other coordinating meetings of leads would take place at key points in the coming months.
Work Plan:
We discussed this in further detail and determined that key meetings should be held related to six areas of focus: Problem Statement; Principles updating; Handbook update; Metro Questionnaire review; Policy template; PI Plan template.  These items comprised many of the outcomes from previous work; we also discussed the potential need for more data to address some other, more complex, areas raised in the Task Force.  We determined that some approaches could be piloted by staff throughout this process prior to a final comprehensive report to Council; this would help to tailor these tools for smoother implementation. 
This is a proposed meeting schedule to move the team through these topics:
BIP #9: Public Involvement
Proposed Topic Focused Meeting Schedule
Meeting Timeframe
Topic(s) for Review/Decision Making
August 2005
§         Teambuilding (Roles, Work Plan, Goals)
§         Determine Problem Statement
September 2005
Council Adopted Principles of Citizen Involvement
October 2005
Outreach & Involvement Handbook – 3rd Edition revisions
November 2005
Outreach & Involvement Handbook – 3rd Edition revisions
December 2005
Metro Questionnaire – revise forPortland
January 2006
Policy template – determine basic requirements
February 2006
Public Involvement Plan template – basic requirements
March 2006
Education/evaluation – how to ensure implementation
April 2006
Any other outstanding items
May 2006
Review drafts – discuss and update
June 2006
Finalize documents for public review and City adoption
Focus groups with stakeholders from key sectors may be held on any of the above topics to gather more input and data.
Research/Staffing Needs and Roles:
Available staff to this team and their roles were determined as follows:
  • Laurel Butman, assigned staff - Team support (meeting materials, meeting notes, scheduling, web site, delegation and compilation of research materials)
  • ONI interns - Jonah and Noah - research and support assistance as requested  by Team staff
  • OMF interns - additional research and development as needed
Key staff assignments from this meeting:
Laurel :
  • Notes from this meeting
  • Matrix for external membership
  • Work plan/meeting schedule draft
  • Notebook/folder for team members
Noah & Jonah:
  • Work with Laurel on materials for notebook/folder
  • Annotated index of past documents from Task Force
  • Gather and analyze existing PDC, Parks, BES, and Metro policies(similarities/differences)   
  • Asist with gathering/summarizing materials for web site