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June 13, 2005 Agenda and Meeting Notes for BIP #7: Customer Service

Bureau Innovation Team 7
Monday, June 13
  • Short introductions & organizational business
  • Report of the 6/9 Council meeting---Michael
  • Review work plan, refine as needed, prioritize and determine completion dates for action items
  • Address item 6 in the work plan....."How will each member report to and elicit feedback from direct service employees from his/her bureau..."   Please come prepared with your plan in writing.  A few simple bullet items should do,
  • Start identifying customer service values & behaviors
  • Next steps/future agenda items

Bureau Innovation Project Work Team #7 Meeting Minutes
In Attendance: Michael Mills- Ombudsman, Bonnie Morris- BDS, Gordon Johnston- Commissioner Adams, Jeri Jenkins- PDOT, John O’Donovan- BES, Tracy Smith- PDC, Jim Beery- Fire, Sue Klobertanz- OMF, Michael Mock- Mayor, Shawn Rogers- Parks, Cindy Dietz- Water, Judy Tuttle- OMF, Art Alexander- BTS, Stan Grubbs- Police, Debra Humphreys- Water
  1. Michael gave an update on his report back to council last week.  He indicated that there were plans to put together a BIP Website.  It wasn’t clear if this would be both an external (for public viewing) and internal site but it seems that it will definitely be at least an internal communication tool around the work being done by all the BIP Work Teams.
With regards to our question about adding staff from additional bureaus if their input is needing council indicated support for this.
Council all seems to be taking this project very seriously and assurances were giving that the recommendations and work products put forth by this committee would not be left sitting on a shelf.
  1. Review of Work Plan-  The bulk of the meeting was spent going through the Work Plan that was began at last weeks meeting.
    1. Working Values:  There was some discussion around working values that the team came up with at the last meeting.  General consensus was that these are good values for this work team and no additions were made.  It was mentioned that we would need to expand on these values to reach consensus on meaningful citywide customer service values & behaviors.
    2. Actions List:  Went through the list of action items that were drafted at the last meeting and to come up with rough target completion dates and modify the actions as needed. 
Sue suggested we add an action item for collecting existing data from bureaus on what type of customer service surveying and other customer improvement efforts have been undertaken by bureaus recently.  This was added to item #2 on the list, which was to have each bureau identify key customer groups.  For the next meeting team members are to come up with ideas for what types of questions we would want to ask in a survey to bureaus along these lines.  Cindy Dietz is the point person on this so any input before next meeting can be given to her.  We agreed that the surveying and analysis of this data needed to be completed by 8/15/05.
Focus Group discussion- How will these focus groups work?  Are there resources available to do these using outside facilitator services?  Michael will work on getting the answer to this question.  Are these going to be Citywide or bureau specific focus groups?  This group will need to later determine this.  The group agreed that the focus group work and analysis of data it provides will need to be done by 10/15/05 to give bureaus time to formulate their plans for customer service improvement.
Portland Online “site” for customer service forum- There was some discussion on the use of the PortlandOnline technology to allow communication around customer service improvement efforts.  There was general agreement that we should look at using this as an internal communication tool.  The group will consider further how we can use this as a tool to get data from external customers as well.  John suggested we could easily set up an online customer service survey to get information from on-line customers.
Customer Service Values & Behaviors- The group will need to come up with more specific Citywide customer service values to guide discussions on improvement plans.  We set a deadline of 7/11/05 for coming up with these customer service values & behaviors. 
Human Resources- The work with HR with regards to job descriptions, recruitment processes and employee evaluation will need to take place at the same time as other work is being done with the focus groups, etc.
  1. Jim Beery brought up the importance of being sure that this group address both internal as well as external customer service issues.  He, and others on the work team agreed, that many of the bigger concerns that exist around the city are with regards to the quality of customer service between bureaus. 
  2. Sue mentioned that a few years ago the Bureau of Purchases did a lot of work coming up with a Client and Staff Bill of Rights.  She said that she would try and find these documents and share as they may be a useful starting point for this groups work on coming up with citywide customer service values.
  3. Bonnie asked all team members to get to her by this Thursday 6-16-05 each of our individual plans for how we will elicit feedback from direct service employees for our bureaus.
Next Meeting: June 27th, 10:30am- Auditor’s Office