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June 27, 2005 Agenda and Meeting Notes for BIP #7: Customer Service

Bureau Innovation Team 7
Monday, June 27th,10:30 AM to Noon
3rd FloorCity Hall, RoseRoom
NOTE TAKER: Shawn Rogers
  • Introductions
  • Organizational Business
  • Review notes from 6/13 meeting  (attached)
  • Updated Work Plan (attached)
  • Reminder to team members to complete their feedback plan (Work Plan Item 6)
  • Review of draft survey tool for collecting bureau customer service data---Cindy Deitz
  • Continued discussion of customer service values & behaviors  (see Client & Staff Bill of Rights attached)
  • Future agenda items

 Bureau Innovation Project Work Team #7 Meeting Minutes
In Attendance: Michael Mills- Ombudsman, Bonnie Morris- BDS, Gordon Johnston- Commissioner Adams, John Dutt-ONI, Jeri Jenkins- PDOT, John O’Donovan-, Sue Klobertanz- OMF, Michael Mock- Mayor, Shawn Rogers- Parks, Cindy Dietz- Water, Art Alexander- BTS, Stan Grubbs- Police, Debra Humphreys- Water

Absent: Tracy Smith- PDC, BES, Jim Beery- Fire, Judy Tuttle- OMF, Stan Grubbs, PPB, Swan Leggin- Water/Labor Rep., Fran Landfair-Elders in Action Rep., Michael Dehan-Labor Rep.
Minutes reviewed and approved with minor changes.

Clarification of workplan #6.  Sue – Discussed OMF’s communication methodology.  POL & Newsletters.

Gordon – Was concerned that the commissioner’s personnel and City Hall staffers get included in this process, including guards.  It was stated that we should include BGS to discuss the contract.  Bob Keta – This would be included as an agenda item.  We also wanted HR included as well.
Survey Form:
Cindy Dietz - presented a Draft survey and discussed phasing in the process potentially examining the results of a number of Fire/Police/Water surveys that have all ready been completed recently.  She thought we could learn from their efforts.

Questions were asked as to:
·         How this relate to Focus Groups?
·         Should we seek professional advice and services?
·         What is the connection with E Government in Customer Service. 
·         What are the other Innovation teams doing to communicate their progress.
·         How do we address both internal & external customers  – public and bureau wide
On the draft survey form a suggestion was made to have only one Key contact location. Sue K. felt that the key contact should be by the individual department division of major work group level.
M. Mock wanted to ask “ if Customer Service is mandated as opposed to just the percentage of training hours”.
Sue – Do you currently have training in the works (CS Training).
M. Mock - #7 How are those suggestions from the employees addressed? Do they hear back in return?
Mills – How does the Bureau come up with the process for working with goals and standards. Top Down.
B. Morris – Discussed the process of obtaining suggestions from employees. 

Jerri – The suggestion box proved less effective as it didn’t give voice to the employee. It also didn’t tell the employee what to expect or what will happen with their suggestion. This process seemed to be very time consuming.  She thought that all meetings with staff should include the opportunity to offer suggestions and those should be entered into the minutes along with an expected reply or response.
JD - #4 He wants to know more about the group surveyed or focus group? What was the makeup of the group, how were they chosen?
Art – Felt it was a different level of question.
Cindy - thought that could be accomplished in a follow up.  It could be a show summary. How was it done, when, who.  It was stressed that the process should be electronic when ever possible.
It was thought that we should ask “here is how often we think you should survey ( and not how they should)”. We stay away from How – but give the information that seems to work best. Offer up best practices. The goal was to assure that each Bureau would learn what their customers think of the job they are doing and at the same time learn from others results as well. 
Cindy – The public sees the City is not all being on the same page w/ Customer Service.
MM - #3 & #4 “When how frequently…”  He wanted to capture those who have taken a survey recently but did not intend to do it again.
M. Mills – Should we have something out quickly before all surveys are examined?  The was concern that this process would cost money and that we should give time for them to build Add Packages. It was stated that there would be no support from council in support of this process.

John – What do we do if there is no money for Focus Groups? The upshot was that possible we do not use Focus Groups.
Gordon – Wanted to be very specific when issuing the survey.  Give them clear cut guidelines on how it should be delivered. And make sure it is standardized for all who receive it.
Bonnie – How do you recognize good Customer Service?  She discussed the process where by they made the changes.  The biggest change was in hiring.  You can teach the “technical” but it’s harder to teach “personality”.
Sue – What is customer service? How do you know WHY if you don’t know what it is. Do we need a clear cut guide to follow?  We discussed using the “Bill of Rights” provide by Sue as a baseline to begin defining it.  John  Dutt graciously  accepted the job of tweaking the Customer and Staff Bill of Rights.
John Dutt – The POL – Information Database is almost done.
It was generally agreed that HR needs to include Customer Service in the hiring process.
Mills – What are the council expectations on Customer Service?
There was discussion on Behavior & Standards- and how detailed and involved we should in setting them.  There was considerable discussed on
Mills - Auditors Office – No question about CS in survey.