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August 22, 2005 Meeting Notes for BIP # 7: Customer Service

Meeting Minutes

August 22, 2005

Introductions: Michael Mills, Carol Stahlke, Art Alexander, Cindy Dietz, Stan Grubbs, Debra Humphreys, Jeri Jenkins, Gordon Johnston, Sue Klobertanz, John O’Donovan, Shawn Rogers, Judy Tuttle, Jeremy Van Kaeren.

Guest Speaker: Ellen Jean – Principal Management Auditor 
                                               Auditors Office
Minutes: Correction of date to August 8th minutes
             No other changes needed
Presentation: Date is set for October 6, 2005 for BIP Team #7 to present the results of the Survey. (Submission Due: Monday, Sept. 26)
Frontline Staff: The invitation is still open to front line staff interested in being part of the committee.  David Muir is unable to attend today.  If you know someone valuable please let one of the 3 co-leaders know. We can also add them to our mailing list and they can comment via email.
Auditor’s office
Survey: Ellen Jean gave a presentation of how the Auditor’s office surveys for public satisfaction.  She gave examples of how to measure citizen satisfaction on Government performance.  This is the biggest survey the Auditor’s office sends out annually.  Quantity and methodology make this a reliable tool; this survey trend date is 15 years.  Completed by household, random, 3 mailings, designed to be optically scanned.  This survey has a 40% return rate. Normally mail out 10,000 surveys this year they are sending 65,000.  Starting to receive responses now.  This survey is essentially fixed.
 Discussion: Ellen stated she is not clear what type of survey we want to do.  There are Bureaus that already conduct surveys.  So that might be a good place to start.  Identify whom we want to target or “define our universe”.
Sue Klobertanz Perceptions have to be dealt with first or the results will not be accurate.
Art Alexander  Look at what happens over time, cannot rely on one survey. We are establishing a tool for long-term guidance of the City making the commitment to guiding this over time.
Judy Tuttle Surveys online can be cumbersome.  It is difficult to get people to register online.
Ellen Jean  Example: State of Oregon “Measuring Customer Satisfaction in Oregon State Government” All State Agencies are charged with completing the Satisfaction Survey, all agencies must ask 12 specific questions, collect the data and then report on it. 
Cindy  Can we add questions to the Auditor’s survey to get our questions answered?
Ellen Jean One would have to ask about 4 –5 questions, to get us the results on courteousness, promptness, timeliness and knowledge, and identify the agency location.
Sue Klobertanz  First we need to define customer service
                        Example: Timeliness, courteous, efficient, knowledgeable? 
Judy Tuttle   What is the value of service?
                   Do we want “results” or “indicators”
Ellen Jean    The State of Oregon report will help define.
Art Alexander  Customer Service is defined in our expectations documents.
Gordon Johnston Will need to have a neutral clearinghouse for compiling results, keep out of the bureaus hands.
Ellen Jean  The Auditor’s office results will be compiled by November, and we can get a copy.
Summary  The most valuable survey tool for gathering useful information on Customer Service appears to be Bureau specific surveys that have some uniformity (including specific required questions) that would be conducted on a random basis or other scientific basis.  Self selection or online plus surveys do not provide enough accuracy by which to base customer service program planning.  
Survey Review: Cindy reviewed the rough draft of the bureau survey.  There have been drop downs added to make it easier to answer, another way to ensure a response.
                       We will have follow up messages. Per Ellen they follow up at least three times.  Cindy explained we will be able to collect the data and enter into an excel spreadsheet.
                        Create a sub-group to complete the analysis.  Identify group of questions each person reviews.  Cindy will be talking to Laurel to get the survey on line. This will be ready to go this week.
Next Steps: Cindy will meet with Debra and Carol to identify sub-group.  Will need point person for all responses as they come in and to send reminders near deadline.
Agenda items for
September 19th :  Survey Results 
                            Finalize "Customer Service Improvements and Community Governance" document (JD)
                            HR Representative to speak on customer service skills in hiring process
                            Report to BIP Group Oct. 6 (Submission Due: Monday, Sept. 26)
OregonState's Customer Service Review (Prior to meeting, see:  ) 
Future Agenda Items
Next meetings:  Oct. 3, Oct. 17, Oct. 31.