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September 14, 2005 Co-Leads Agenda & Meeting Notes for BIP #9: Public Involvement

  1. Debrief of August 31st Team Meeting
  2. Add any new team members?
    1. BES
    2. Water
  3. Discussion of ongoing day/time for team meetings
  4. Review checklist for ground rules from Sue Diciple
  5. Plan agenda/handouts for next team meeting (September 27th?)
  6. Next Steps:  Co-lead meeting on September 28 – do we need to set up a meeting prior to team meeting?

BIP #9 Public Involvement Co-Leads Meeting Notes
September 14, 2005
In attendance:
Amalia Alarcon (for Brian Hoop), Barbara Hart, Eileen Argentina, Laurel Butman, Maija Spencer.
1. Discussion of 8/31 meeting:
Went over some of the key themes of the 8/31 meeting, including:
  • Terms to use: “citizens” can be seen as exclusionary, better terms may be: “community members & stakeholders” or “interested parties”
  • Summed up business discussion – to catch up Eileen/Amalia
2.  New team members:
  • Jim Gladson is leaving BES & will need to be replaced on the team
  • There still is not a Water Bureau team member
  • Eileen will follow-up with Dean Marriott & David Shaff to determine potential members
3.  Ongoing day/time for team meetings:
  • Leads decided to go back to last Wednesday of every month as ongoing date, as this seemed to best fit schedules of team members.
4.  Checklist for ground rules:
Barbara did not bring copy, so this will be discussed at next meeting.
5.  Agenda/handouts for next team meeting:
  • Discussed looking at other models (PDC, Metro, etc.) – asking how can we use this or improve this?
  • Plan questions/discussion for each meeting
    • Look at past bureau projects & use to walk through the model
    • Introduce topic at one meeting/discuss & ask members to bring feedback from their environments back to the next meeting
  • Ask people to review the two sets of public involvement standards (adopted/proposed)
    • Discuss at meeting
    • Create large versions to hang on walls @ meetings.
  • Goal should be to get agenda out at least a week in advance, along with materials to review
Potential Agenda Items for Wednesday, Sept. 28 team meeting:
  1. Revised Goal – Adoption by Team
  2. Ground Rules – Adoption by Team
  3. Work plan?
  4. Proposed Plan for Future Meetings
  5. Review of current & proposed public involvement standards
  6. Exercise: How many ways can projects be categorized?
Additional Discussion:
It was asked how this process will be rolled out.
  • Groups members will be ambassadors/share with their environments
  • Interested parties will be tracking
  • Review/discussion period when draft proposals are available
Other ideas:
  • Joint meeting between #8 & #9 co-leads
  • Pull together public involvement staff in the City of Portland
Action Items:
  • Eileen will work on agenda/proposed meeting schedule and identifying two new team members.
  • Barbara will prepare ground rules and will create large versions of public standards to hang on wall.
  • Laurel/Maija will send proposed meeting schedule to Eileen, 2 sets of public standards to Barbara, will gather info on models of public involvement, and will communicate meeting date change & arrange location.
  • Next co-leads meeting to finalize agenda/handouts:
Wednesday, Sept. 21, 1-2pm, Horizon Room, 12th floor, Portland Building