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October 17, 2005 Meeting Notes for BIP #7: Customer Service

Members Present:  Bonnie Morris, BDS; Jim Beery, Fire; John O’Donovan, BES; John Tellis, Police; Gordon Johnston, Commissioner Adams; Jeremy Van Keuren, Mayor Potter; Cindy Dietz, Water; Sue Klobertanz, Revenue Bureau; Judy Tuttle, OMF.
Members Unable to Attend:  Michael Mills, Ombudsman; Carol Stahlke, ASFCME; Art Alexander, BTS; Michael Dehner, Local 483; John Dutt, ONI; Debra Humphreys, Revenue Bureau; Jeri Jenkins, PDOT; Fran Landfair, Elders in Action; Michael Mock, OMF; Shawn Rogers, Parks; David Muir, ONI.
Organizational Business:
  • Minutes from 10/3 Meeting were approved by the members present.
October 6 Report to the Implementation Team Meeting:
  • Bonnie Morris reviewed the presentation to the Council and Bureau Directors on October 6. Bonnie indicated that the Mayor articulated the importance of this workgroup and the need for the City to improve Customer Service.
In response to the presentation, Commissioner Adams stated that he wanted some customer surveys and/or secret shopper information completed before the completion of the BIP #7 recommendations. Although both Bonnie Morris and Michael Mills attempted to clarify this expectation with the Commissioner, concern still exists that this expectation can be met. After lengthy discussion, the Workgroup agreed that the need for appropriate assessment tools would be a significant part of the #7 recommendations. It was agreed that the #7 Workgroup did not have time or resources to complete anecdotal data collection prior to submitting recommendations in December. 
Other discussion points from the Implementation Team meeting included:
  • The need to reinforce that although customer service can be improved, some staff already work very hard to provide good customer service. This should be recognized.
  • Commissioner Adams’ request for clarification of the Customer Expectations #13: "Clearly defined avenues for resolving disputes or service delivery issues."  Gordon Johnston will rework, review with the Commissioner and return the proposed language change to the Workgroup.
  • The need to ensure that with enhanced technologies, we don’t make customer service worse, rather than better.
Review of members in attendance:
  • The group reviewed the current membership list for Workgroup #7. It was recommended that someone be included from PDC. Judy Tuttle will follow up with Bruce Warner.
Survey Results:
  • Agenda item put on hold until next meeting.
Begin brainstorming recommendations:
  • The group began the work to capture possible recommendations to include in the final report. The list will be distributed under a separate email.
All remaining meetings are scheduled for:
10:30 AMNoon
Rose Room, City Hall
October 31
November 14
November 28
December 13