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V. City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement

The Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) will provide support for District Coalitions, Neighborhood Associations and related public involvement services.   The Bureau will develop an annual action plan in coordination with the ONI  Bureau Advisory Committee and District Coalitions.  The bureau will report to the Commissioner-in-charge on activities and concerns relating to public participation and the neighborhood system.  The Bureau will fulfill other related responsibilities as are assigned by Council and as fiscal and organizational capacity permit.  The bureau will also adhere to any established citywide standards for public involvement as other City bureaus.
A.  Coordinate citywide neighborhood system

1. Collaborate with the Office of Neighborhood Involvement Bureau Advisory Committee, District Coalitions and Neighborhood Associations in planning, developing and coordinating Portland's Neighborhood Association system.
2. Maintain a Bureau Advisory Committee (BAC) for the purpose of providing recommendations regarding goals, priorities, policies, and budgets of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement.  The BAC shall  include volunteer representatives from each District Coalition, a representative of the District Coalition Directors, and volunteers active or familiar with each of ONI's major programs.
3. When appropriate coordinate Neighborhood Summits for the purpose of facilitating dialogue amongst Neighborhood Association leaders on citywide neighborhood issues, program policy and funding, and leadership skills topics.
4. Coordinate monthly meeting of District Coalition Board Chairs and Directors for the purpose of addressing critical administrative, budget, policy, and program issues.

B. Contract Management

1. Negotiate contracts and maintain fiscal and program accountability for the funds routed to each District Coalition through their boards and/or advisory committees.
2. Monitor for compliance and enforce the contracts entered into between the City and the District Coalitions through their boards and/or advisory committees.

C. Resource Development

1. Advocate with Council for continued and expanded funding to support the District Coalitions and the Neighborhood Association system to maximize its potential.
2. Assist District Coalitions and Neighborhood Associations in identifying and submitting proposals for alternative funding sources for expanding public participation services.

D. Leadership Skills Training and Board Orientation

1. Coordinate, as supported by the Bureau's budget, supplemental leadership training and technical assistance with District Coalitions to assist Neighborhood Associations and other community groups on skill sets relating to working with City public involvement processes; basic non-profit organizational and board development skills; communication and diversity outreach strategies; and basic land use processes.
2. Provide a Public Involvement Handbook and other supplemental board orientation materials for the use of Neighborhood Associations, District Coalitions, and community groups.  This includes services provided by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement; overview of City bureaus and contact information; basic land use terms and processes; basic non-profit organizational and board development skills; and communication and diversity outreach strategies.

E. Inclusion and Participation
In the interest of addressing the need for participation and inclusiveness in Neighborhood Associations and increasing diversity in public  involvement the Office of Neighborhood Involvement supports the participation of Portland's diverse communities in the neighborhood association network including communities such as people of color, renters and low-income individuals, working families with children, immigrants and refugees, seniors, students, young adults, people with disabilities, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and trans-gender people.
The Office of Neighborhood Involvement shall incorporate into an annual action plan action steps taken to: 

1. Provide technical assistance, such as neighborhood demographic data, to District Coalitions relating to development and implementation of action plans,
2. Provide technical assistance to District Coalitions to develop partnerships with Portland's diverse communities and organizations.  Develop a database of community organizations for the use of District Coalitions,
3. Provide technical assistance to District Coalitions in providing opportunities for Neighborhood Associations to increase their effectiveness in recruiting, training and retaining volunteer leadership from diverse constituencies to participate in neighborhood activities. 
4. Provide resources and technical assistance to District Coalitions in efforts to make Neighborhood Association meetings and communications accessible to constituencies or individuals where assistance is either culturally appropriate or requested. This may include providing language interpretation of meetings and translation of meeting fliers and newsletters for those for whom English is a second language, identifying childcare options, transportation solutions and meeting locations which are accessible to people with disabilities.

F. Grievances
The Office of Neighborhood Involvement shall follow procedures for addressing grievances with the Office of Neighborhood Involvement and appeals from Neighborhood Associations, District Coalitions and individuals or entities that conform with section VII, E: Appeal and Grievance Procedures with the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, of these Standards.
G. Other Neighborhood Association assistance
Process requests from Neighborhood Associations seeking recognition by the City and/or Business District Associations seeking acknowledgement from the City.  Make provisions for assisting newly forming Neighborhood Associations.
H. Information and Referral
In collaboration with the City/County Information and Referral Center provide the following services:

1. Maintain a current listing of contact persons for District Coalitions, Neighborhood Associations, Business District Associations as well as a wide range of other community organizations.
2. Maintain and publicize the meetings of the District Coalitions, Neighborhood Associations, and Business District Associations in print and electronic formats.
3. Provide access to informational brochures about Office of Neighborhood Involvement programs and services as well as other government agencies when available.

I. Public Involvement Policy
The Office of Neighborhood Involvement shall write and implement a Policy of Public Involvement.
J.   Other City agencies

1. Encourage City bureaus to adhere to the Principles of Public Involvement adopted by City Council.
2. Promote and facilitate open communication and notification from City agencies to Neighborhood Associations and District Coalitions. 
3. Promote and facilitate communication amongst City agencies about public involvement best practices, current or upcoming issues and projects.