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Neighborhood Small Grants Program


The City of Portland Neighborhood Small Grants program has approximately $110,000 available to give out in grants to neighborhood and community organizations for community engagement projects in 2019.

The City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement is partnering with Portland’s seven neighborhood district coalitions to give out the funds. The seven neighborhood coalitions and their grant funds available are: 

  • Central Northeast Neighbors (CNN) -- $8,940
  • East Portland Community Office (EPCO) -- $20,822
  • Neighbors West/Northwest (NWNW) -- $13,423
  • North Portland Neighborhood Services (NPNS) -- $12,266
  • Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) -- $13,375
  • Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition (SE Uplift)   -- $27,165
  • Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI) -- $13,598

(If you want to know why the grant allocation amount varies for each neighborhood coalition, CLICK HERE to learn more about the funding allocation formula ONI uses to determine these amounts.)  

To be eligible for grant funding a project must benefit the community in one of the coalition districts above.

(To view a map of the neighborhood district boundaries CLICK HERE.)

Each neighborhood coalition has its own application process.

To apply for a grant, identify the district in which the project would take place, and follow the application process for that district.


Central Northeast Neighbors (CNN)

  • Grant Application Available:                     Fall 2018
  • Grant Application Due:                          to be announced
  • Website:                                                   CNN Small Grants
  • Contact:                                                    Sandra Lefrancois (; 503-823-2780)
  • Grant Workshop:                                      to be announced

East Portland Community Office (EPCO)

  • Grant Application Available:                      to be announced
  • Grant Application Due:                           to be announced
  • Website:                                                     EPNO Small Grants
  • Contact:                                                     Surya Joshi (; 503-823-5905)
  • Grant Workshop(s):                                   to be announced.                                

Neighbors West/Northwest (NWNW)

  • Grant Application Available:                    to be announced         
  • Grant Application Due:                          to be announced
  • Website:                                                    NWNW Small Grants
  • Contact:                                                    Anastasia Zurcher (, 503-823-4288)
  • Grant Workshop:                                    to be announced

North Portland Neighborhood Services (NPNS)

  • Grant Application Available:                    to be announced
  • Grant Application Due:                         to be announced
  • Website:                                                   NPNS Local Funds
  • Contact:                                                    Mary Jaron Kelley (; 503-823-4099)
  • Grant Workshops:                                    to be announced.

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) 

  • Grant Application Available:                      to be announced
  • Grant Application Due:                           to be announced
  • Website:                                                    NECN Community Small Grants
  • Contact:                                                     Adam Lyons, (; 503-388-5070)
  • Grant Workshop/Info Session:                  to be announced       

Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition

  • Grant Application Available:                       to be announced 
  • Grant Application Due:                           to be announced 
  • Website:                                                    SE Uplift Neighborhood Small Grant Program
  • Contact:                                                     Molly Mayo (; 503 232 0010, ext 311)
  • Grant Workshops:                                     to be announced 

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI)

  • Grant Application Available:                      to be announced 
  • Grant Application Due:                           to be announced 
  • Website:                                                    SWNI Neighborhood Small Grants
  • Contact:                                                     Sylvia Bogert, SWNI executive director (; 503-823-4592)
  • Grant Workshop:                                      to be announced  


For more information about the Neighborhood Small Grants program, contact ONI Neighborhood Program Coordinator Paul Leistner, 503-823-5284,

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