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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Division of Asset Management


Frequently-Asked Questions

Q:  What do I do if my vehicle breaks down in the field?
A: During normal business hours, call the supervisor of the shop where your vehicle is normally serviced:
Kerby Garage: 503-823-1806
First Ave Garage: 503-823-4341
SE 47th Ave Garage: 503-823-5061
SE 106th Ave Garage: 503-823-4144
Division Garage: 503-823-1630
Sandy River Garage: 503-663-2464
After normal shop hours, call the Kerby Garage (Open 24 hrs Monday 6:30AM - Friday 11:00PM)
Q:  What do I do if I'm in an accident?
A:  Every City vehicle has an Accident Kit, usually found in the glove box. The kit includes detailed instructions on the driver's responsibilities in the event of an accident.
Q:  How and when are vehicles replaced?
A:  The replacement year is based on the age of the vehicle, the mileage, and a hands-on mechanical assessment of the vehicle's condition. If the criteria is met for replacement, the vehicle is added to the replacement list, reviewed with the customer, and submitted for budget approval.
Q:  How do I notify CityFleet if I need an additional vehicle, or an upgrade of a vehicle scheduled for replacement? What about a rental or a loaner?
A:  Complete a Fleet Service Request Form (FSR) and send it to CityFleet. CityFleet will provide a cost estimate and return the form to the customer for approval and signature. The customer must send the signed FSR to the Budget Office. After Budget approval, the original form will be forwarded to CityFleet with a copy to the customer, and the acquisition process then begins.
Q:  Who can answer my billing questions?
A. Contact the supervisor in the shop section where your vehicle was serviced, or call CityFleet at 503-823-2277.