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NEWS RELEASE 09/06/12: PORTLAND FIRE re-opens NE Glisan following a Natural Gas Incident

Portland Fire & Rescue was dispatched at 8:47 AM to a report of a gas line being severed by a City of Portland utility crew at 15056 NE Glisan Ave..  Engine 31 (Rockwood) was the first unit to arrive and reported that a line approximately three inches in diameter had been severed and was venting gas.  Portland Fire crews connected to a hydrant and stretched hose lines to protect the scene until it could be secured.  

NE Glisan was shut down between NE 149th and NE 153rd for a brief time and homes in the immediate area were evacuated as a precautionary measure.  A NW Natural crew arrived to cap and shut down the severed line.  Portland Fire crews then used gas monitors to assure that the gas had dissipated prior to allowing the residents to return to their homes.  At 9:53 AM the road was opened to resume traffic.

Portland Fire reminds you that if you smell gas:

    * Do not attempt to locate gas leaks.
    * Do not remain in any building when there is a strong gas odor.
    * Avoid sparks -- do not operate any electrical switches, appliances or lights.
    * Do not use telephones or elevators in the area of a strong gas odor.
    * Do not position or operate vehicles and power equipment where leaking gas may be present.
    * Do not smoke or use lighters, matches or other open flames.
    * Report the gas leak immediately.

NEWS RELEASE 09/07/12: Portland Fire is receiving calls about the east wind driving smoke from the White Salmon, WA fire into the Portland Metro region.

Portland Fire & Rescue has been receiving a large volume of calls from citizens (particularly those in east county) concerned about smoke in the area.  With a major wildfire just east and to the north of us, (White Salmon, WA), Portland has been downwind of the fire all morning.  With the current wind coming from the NE at near 10 mph, Portland is likely to experience smoky conditions until the fire goes out or the wind shifts.  

The Highway 141 Fire is located along the east side of Hwy 141, approximately 2 miles north of White Salmon, Washington. The fire started at approximately 1:30pm on Wednesday, Sept. 5th. The fire is currently approximately 1,200 acres this morning and is considered to be 40% contained.  Current information on the status of this fire can be obtained here:

There are a few simple actions you should consider that can minimize exposure to smoke that makes its way into a community. The extent of the precautions you take should reflect how heavy the smoke is, how long it lasts, and your health.

    * If you smell smoke and/or are beginning to experience symptoms, consider temporarily locating to another area as long as it is safe for you to do so.
    * Seek out locations where air is filtered. For example, heading to the local mall, movie theater or recreation center can provide some temporary relief. Local health officials often can help locate places with better air quality during extended smoke episodes.
    * Close windows and doors and stay indoors. However, do not close up your home tightly if it makes it dangerously warm inside.
    * Only if they are filtered, run the air conditioning, the fan feature on your home heating system (with the heat turned off) or your evaporative cooler. Keep the outdoor air intake closed and be sure the filter is clean. Filtered air typically has less smoke than the air outdoors. Running these appliances if they are not filtered can make indoor smoke worse.
    * If you have any HEPA room air filtration units, use them.
    * In smoky air, try to reduce your physical activity level. Avoid exercise or other strenuous activities in heavy smoke. If smoke is simply unpleasant or mildly irritating, changing the timing of a few activities may be all that is necessary.

If you are having difficulty breathing, call 9-1-1.

NEWS RELEASE 09/07/12: Portland Fire responds to a 2nd Alarm fire at 9952 N. Vancouver Way

At 11:55 AM, Portland Fire & Rescue was dispatched to a commercial fire at 9952 N. Vancouver Way.  Initial reports indicated that both black smoke and fire were present at the fire and that there were possibly two occupants still in the building. Prior to the units arriving, a second alarm was called for because of the volume of smoke visible from a distance. Station 17 (Hayden Island) was the first to arrive and reported heavy fire conditions inside the building.  Portland Fire was also advised by tenants in the area that the business worked on race cars and there were several cars and fuel cells inside the building.

Portland Fire performed a search of the building and determined that all of the occupants had exited prior to their arrival.  Fire Command was concerned for the safety of the crews because of the explosions coming from inside the building.  After the fire was significantly knocked down from outside, crews re-entered and extinguished the remaining fire inside.  There were no injuries reported.

Fire Response:

10 fire engines

 3 ladder trucks

 1 Hazmat Unit

 1 Squad

 4 Chief Officers

 1 Rehab

 1 Air Unit

"Fighting fire on a hot day presents special challenges," said Battalion Chief Dan Buckner, "It is especially important to make sure the crews stay hydrated on days like this."

Portland Fire & Rescue's Historic Belmont Firehouse celebrates its 100th Anniversary!

The Historic Belmont Firehouse Celebrates its 100th Anniversary!

The sun was shining brightly on one of Portland's historic treasures as it celebrated its 100th Anniversary today.  It was held in conjunction with the Belmont Street Fair in SE Portland.  The streets were filled with Portlanders walking the closed street, shopping and enjoying the delicious culinary offerings by some of the city's best chefs. 

The Belmont Street Fair is an annual event held in late summer.  A full day of fun from noon to 7 p.m. for the whole family with live music, art, entertainment, shopping and good food & drink!  The Street Fair is supported by businesses on Belmont, Morrison and Stark Streets and a collaboration of the Belmont Area Business Association (BABA) and the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.

The firehouse is located at Southeast 35th and Belmont and is open to the public on certain days or by appointment for a private tour. The hours of the firehouse are:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (for tours by appointment)
  • Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (open to the public)
  • Second Saturday of every month from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (open to the public for Safety Saturday)

 You get to slide down a fire pole and sit in the cab of a fire truck for a simulated emergency response, among lots of other activities.

It's a lot of fun... and very educational too.  For the 100th Anniversary, Portland Fire & Rescue added a balloon artist and a bouncy house in addition to all of the fun features of the firehouse. Children could also spray water from a real fire hose (with the assistance of a Portland Fire Employee). 

The streets were filled with thousands of visitors as everybody seemed to be enjoying the perfect weather and exciting sights of the Belmont Street Fair. 


Many of the visitors expressed what a privilege it has been to have the station in this neighborhood all of these years.  Although it no longer serves the community as an active fire station, it continues to add to its legacy of community service by educating both youth and adults alike about the proud history of the fire service and safety. 



Portland Fire to hold 9-11 Ceremony and Day of Reflection

On September 11th, 2012, Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R)
will hold a small ceremony in remembrance of the 2,977 victims who
tragically lost their lives due to the evil acts of organized
terrorists.  Of the 2,977 people who died, 343 of those were with Fire
Department of  New York (FDNY).

The ceremony will be held at the Campbell Memorial, at 9:00 AM, with
Station 3 (Northwest/Pearl District), the Honor Guard, PIO, and
on-duty chief officers in attendance.  The Campbell Memorial is
located at the intersection of SW 18th and W. Burnside.

In addition, PF&R will host a "Day of Silent Reflection" at the
Historic Belmont Firehouse from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  The Firehouse
is located at 900 SE 35th Ave. (corner of SE 35th and Belmont) where
the community is invited to come and see the slideshow and 9-11 bronze