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Protect Yourself & Your Family from Radon

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designated the month of January as National Radon Action Month. 


What is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is odorless, tasteless, and colorless.  Radon gas is found throughout the world in varying concentrations. Radon forms naturally from the radioactive decay of Uranium in rock, soil, and water.  When radon gas is formed, it migrates through the soil to the air above.

Why is Radon Harmful?

Each of us is exposed to a certain amount of radiation each day, most of which comes from natural sources such as radon. Radon accounts for the largest percentage -- more than half -- of radiation exposure that the average person in the United States receives.

Radon breaks down into solid particles know as radon decay products. These decay particles can become trapped in the lungs and may damage tissue by emitting radiation. Over time, exposure to elevated levels of radon increases a person's risk of developing lung cancer. This is the only known health effect. For smokers, this lung cancer risk is even higher.

Click here to learn more about risk from radon and how to take action if a high radon level is detected in your home.


  Portland Fire & Rescue 

   We Respond: Always Ready, Always There

   January 29, 2012 


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NEWS RELEASE 01/30/12: Portland Firefighters Battle Blaze in NE Portland Caused by Unattended Candle

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January 30, 2012

2:34 PM

At 11:33 am, Portland Firefighters were dispatched to reports of fire in the attic of a house at 3244 NE 51st. When firefighters from Portland Fire Station 28 (Rose City/Hollywood) arrived at 11:36 am, just three minutes later, they found heavy smoke coming from the finished attic of the two-story house. Firefighters made entry into the house and found an occupant standing at the bottom of the stairs preparing to head up the stairs to fight the fire with a garden hose.

The occupant was advised to remove himself to safety and firefighters ascended the stairs and began fighting the fire. Concealed spaces on the second floor/attic made firefighting difficult.

Fire attack crews reported very high heat and requested vertical ventilation (a hole cut in the roof) by ladder truck crews. The fire was declared under control at 12:16 pm. There were no injuries associated with the fire. The occupant’s pets were removed safely.

Fire investigators responded and determined that the cause of the fire was from an unattended candle. Damage estimates are not available at this time. The house is uninhabitable and the occupants will be staying with friends.

Candles start more than 13,000 home fires each year. Portland Fire & Rescue reminds citizens never to leave burning candles unattended.


  Portland Fire & Rescue 

   We Respond: Always Ready, Always There

   January 30, 2012 


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