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NEWS RELEASE 03/09/12: Portland Fire & Rescue Responds to House Fire at 2937 NE 64th Avenue

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March 9, 2012

5:27 PM

At 2:52 pm, Portland firefighters were dispatched to reports of fire coming from a house located at 2937 NE 64th Avenue. Firefighters from Station 28 (Hollywood) arrived first at the scene with fire showing from the back roof area.

Neighbors called 9-1-1 after seeing flames and smoke coming from the roof. Neighbors also reported that roofers had been working on the roof with torches earlier in the day. Firefighters quickly and aggressively attacked the fire on the second floor and in the attic. No was living in the house at the time of the fire and the house was undergoing an extensive remodel.

The fire was brought under control at 3:20 pm. A fire investigator was called to the scene to help determine the cause of the fire. Damage to the $175,000 house is estimated at $75,000.

NEWS RELEASE 03/10/12: Portland Fire Responding to Residential Fire at 3107 SE 51st; One Patient Discovered in House

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Updated with Fire Cause & Damage Estimates

March 11, 2012

11:31 PM

Investigators discovered that the room of fire origin was an enclosed patio that had been converted into additional living space in the home. Investigators learned that the wood stove in this converted room had been installed approximately three years prior.

Investigators believe the fire originated at ceiling level where the stove's chimney connected to the ceiling and roof.

While not a contributing factor of the fire, investigators discovered several propane tanks inside that were used to fuel a propane heater. The wood stove and propane heater were being used as the primary heat sources for the home.

No smoke alarms were found in the home.

Building value- $105,000

Loss to building-$50,000

Contents value-$25,000

Contents loss-$15,000



March 10, 2012

5:32 PM

Southeast Portland fire stations responded to a residential structure fire early this afternoon. Crews from Portland Fire Station 25 (Woodstock) arrived on scene in under two minutes.

Arriving crews were contacted by a next door neighbor who was certain that the home's resident was trapped inside. Operations to both rescue the man, and extinguish the fire, were initated simultaneously. Firefighters from Truck 25 encountered heavy smoke and fire conditions after forcing entry into the front door of the small one story home. Fire Lieutenant Rian Minto, an eleven-year veteran with Portland Fire and Rescue, discovered the patient unconscious in the bathroom at the rear of the structure--less than four minutes after arriving on scene.

The patient was immediately removed from the residence and transferred to an awaiting ambulance. Fire Lieutenant Brad Cullison, cross trained as a Paramedic, assisted ambulance crews with patient care during the transport to Emanuel Hospital. The man, identified only as a male in his mid 50's, is being treated for life threatening injuries.

The home suffered extensive smoke and fire damage; investigators are on scene investigating the cause of the fire.

NEWS RELEASE 3/11/12: Portland Fire & Rescue Extinguishes Apartment Fire at 14136 NE Sandy Blvd.

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March 11, 2012

11:24 PM

A fire in a second story apartment at 14136 NE Sandy Blvd. was extinguished by Northeast Portland fire crews this evening. Several calls were received by fire alarm dispatch who tapped out the fire at 6:43 pm. Portland Fire Station 2 (Parkrose) located on 122nd and Sandy responded with a ladder truck, engine, and rescue and arrived on scene within minutes of receiving the call.

Portland Police officers also responded to this fire, arriving ahead of fire crews. The officers were able to inform neighbors that an adjacent unit was on fire and assist with evacuating residents.

Arriving to the three story apartment complex first was Truck 2, who alerted incoming crews of the presence of heavy smoke coming from a second story unit. Assuming command, orders were given for Engine 2 to assume fire attack and Ladder Truck 7 to begin placing ladders up to the roof. After entering the involved unit, crews encountered moderate smoke and fire conditions and were able to contain the fire.

The fire was brought under control 12 minutes after first crews arrived.

A Fire Investigator was called to the scene to determine the cause of the fire. Gresham Fire & Emergency Services assisted Portland Fire & Rescue on this incident.

NEWS RELEASE 03/12/12: Quick Thinking of Resident Aids Firefighters and Escape from Northeast Portland Residential Structure Fire

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March 12, 2012

12:19 AM

A resident of the home located at 16223 NE Foster went into the basement and noticed the door handle into the bedroom was warm; the door was opened a small amount and "flames shot out" from the room. The resident then slammed the door closed and evacuated the structure.

Engine Company 29 (Powellhurst) arrived first on scene and reported "Nothing Showing," a radio term used to inform other responders that smoke or other indications of fire are not visible from the exterior of the structure. Determining that there were no victims trapped inside of the home, two firefighters from Engine 29 entered the structure with a hose line and worked there way into the basement--as a precaution, additonal crews performed primary and secondary searches of the structure to confirm reports that there were no victims left inside.

Basement fires are among the most dangerous and challenging that Portland Fire and Rescue can face; often heat and smoke exit the basement by rising through the same stairwell that firefighters are forced to descend to reach the seat of the fire. Additionally, fire burning below the first floor can weaken support structures used to keep the floor from collapsing. By closing the door to the involved room, most of the products of combustion were confined to a small area, dramatically improving the conditions faced by firefighters.

The quick thinking resident also aided in their own escape, as containment of smoke and fire to the room provided a relatively clear environment through which to exit.

Extinguishment of the fire was rapid once firefighters entered the involved room. Damage was confined primarily to the room of origin. Overhaul, the process of cleaning up after a fire, was minimal.

A fire investigator is currently on scene and no cause determination or damage estimates are available at this time. No injuries were reported as a result of this fire.

Portland Fire & Rescue reminds all residents who encounter fire emergencies to get out and stay out.

PF&R Incident Statistics: March 4 - 11, 2012

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Incident Statistics: 

Total Incidents: 1,460

Medical: 1,190

Fire: 55

Other: 215

Major Incidents: 5 (further information provided below)

  • 03/04/12@ 1342 hrs, Water Rescue,WillametteRiver@ East-back Esplanade.  One Male transported to Hospital.
  • 03/05/12@ 0630 hrs, Residential Fire, 2100 block of SE 154th Ave. Loss: $21,700 Cause: Under investigation.
  • 03/08/12 @ 2158 hrs, Commercial Fire, 6900 Block ofSE Oaks Park Way. Loss: $53,000 Cause: Under Investigation.  
  • 03/09/12@ 2208 hrs, Residential Fire, 2900 block of NE 64th St.  Loss: $10,000 Cause: Heat from torching roofing material ignited wood structure.
  • 03/10/12@ 1401 hrs, Residential Fire, 3000 block of SE 51st Ave.  Loss: $65,000 Cause: Under Investigation.  One civilian rescued from home & transported to hospital.