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NEWS RELEASE 06/11/12: Portland Fire & Rescue Responds to a Residential Fire (12705 NE Halsey)

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June 11, 2012

3:31 PM

This afternoon at 1:04 pm Portland Firefighters were called to a house at 12705 NE Halsey. On arrival firefighters found black smoke and a resident coming out of the front door. The man was checked for smoke inhalation and burns on scene but declined further medical attention.

Firefighters made entry and began searching for other occupants and fighting the fire. The homes other occupants were located safely outside. Thanks to the quick arrival (within two minutes) of firefighters from Portland's Gateway Fire Station 30 the fire was quickly contained with only minor structural damage. The fire was recalled (declared under control) within 20 minutes.

This fire was caused by an occupant who was fueling power equipment inside the home. The occupant was fueling the equipment using gasoline, near a fire place with a fire burning in it. This caused the fire to exit the fire place and catch the immediate area on fire. At this point the fire department was called. The man next began trying to save the home by carrying burning material through the house to the outside. In so doing the man unintentionally spread the fire to other parts of the house.

Portland Fire & Rescue reminds residents:

1. Keep flammable liquids away from heat sources.

2. Do not enter a structure that is on fire.

3. When exiting a burning structure don't stop to pick anything up unless it's alive.

Response Information

Single Alarm- Approx. 25 Firefighters

Dispatched- 1:04 pm

First Unit Arrived- 1:06 pm

Recalled (declared under control)- 13:26

Portland Fire Holds Off Coast Guard in Rose Festival Dragon Boat Race

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On Sunday, June 10th, Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) participated in the annual Rose Festival Dragon Boat Races.  The Portland Kaohsinng Sister City Association (PKSCA) approached PF&R to participate in a special heat called the Wounded Warriors Race.  A team of 16 PF&R members with three outside volunteers competed against a team from the Coast Guard in a single heat where the winner would take all. 

After only one practice lasting an hour, and much anticipation once race day finally arrived, the Coast Guard gave all they had but couldn't fend off Portland Fire.  The race, which lasted only a few minutes, had the PF&R team flag holder leaning to a convincing victory of over a third of a boat length.  The PKSCA hopes to have the Navy andPortland Police compete next year so the Wounded Warrior Race can have multiple heats and even more bragging rights. 

As a generous bonus, the PKSCA will donate $100.00 to the scholarship foundation of the participating teams' choice.  Thank you again to the PKSCA for creating this fun event and inviting PF&R to participate.

Erin Janssens Sworn in as Portland's New Fire Chief

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On June 5th, a crowd of 150 people gathered on the steps of Portland's City Hall to witness City Auditor Lavonne Griffin-Valade swear in Erin Janssens as Portland's newest Fire Chief.  Shortly thereafter, in Fire Bureau tradition, a new Chief's badge was pinned on the new Chief's uniform by Commissioner Randy Leonard. 

In her acceptance speech, Chief Jannsens remarked that she felt honored and privileged to represent such a fine organization as Portland Fire & Rescue.  She further stated that she truly appreciated the leadership provided by outgoing Fire Chief John Klum, who retired June 6th.  Chief Jannsens stated that she was eager to pour her heart and soul into her new job as Fire Chief for the citizens of Portland. 

Portland Firefighters Donate Blood During "Red Alert"

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For over 20 years, Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) has enjoyed further developing its partnership with the American Red Cross.  The partnership began by having an annual blood drive that Bob - a now retired PF&R member - started.  Since Bob’s retirement, Lieutenant Rob has taken over as the head organizer of the blood drive and he has been running things for the past eight years.


Lieutenant Rob got involved because he saw first hand how donated blood can save a life. When Rob’s son was only 3 days old he needed open heart surgery and received 17 units of blood throughout the procedure.  Having a personal story to relate to can inspire a person to give blood, but just knowing that each person who donates can help as many as five people in need encouraged 24 members of PF&R to sign up for Tuesday’s blood drive. 

A representative of the Red Cross stated that this blood drive could not come at a better time.  Currently our area is at a red alert meaning there is a high demand for four different kinds of blood.  These blood types include:  O-, O+, B-, and A-.  The Red Cross also wants community members to know that the upcoming summer months are usually the ones with the most need, but are the hardest to get blood donors, due to the fact schools are out of session and people are involved in other activities. 

With the red alert in effect, PF&R hopes that others will be inspired to do their part in donating.  For more information on donating, visit:    

A New Look for our Website; Please Provide Your Feedback

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You may have noticed already that the bureau’s website has a brand new look. Portland Fire & Rescue and the Portland Water Bureau are the first two pilot bureaus to launch the City of Portland’s new website.

The old antiquated website is now truly obsolete, replaced with many modern web features and functionality improvements. The web structure has been reduced significantly, and users no longer need to click multiple times to find information. In general, the layout is simplified and less cluttered, making it easier for web users to identify useful information.

Yet, the new website isn’t just about looking new; it is designed to function better:

  • ADA Accessibility
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • User-centered Orientation
  • Mobile Phone Format


The website is also designed to be consistent from one city bureau to another, on each new website you’ll find be able to find information in the same place. Here are a few items you’ll find:


  • Contact Information – upper right hand corner
  • Featured – News and project updates
  • I want to… – Quick links to most popular information
  • My Account – Easy account sign-in for customers
  • Connect – Social Media and public alerts


If you’re interested, feel free to learn more about the new website enhancements.

Lastly, as a pilot bureau, we expect to find some kinks on the site, and perhaps some things users just really don’t like about the new features. We encourage to you to submit your feedback via the orange Beta survey button at the very top of the new site.  Thank you to everyone who has already done so.

We hope you like the new website!

Alisa Cour