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NEW RELEASE 09/01/12: Portland Fire & Rescue dispatched to a vacant residential fire

Portland Fire crews were dispatched to 701 SE 111th Ave. at 9:28 pm, where a house was reported to be on fire. The vacant house was completely ablaze when Station 7 (Mill Park) arrived, so firefighters fought the blaze from a defensive position (from the outside). Station 19 (Mt. Tabor), Station 11 (Lents), and Station 30 (Gateway) arrived shortly thereafter to assist with securing a water supply and protecting the neighboring homes and trees.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation and fire crews are still on scene. A damage assessment will be updated when it is made available.

Total Response: 4 Engines, 2 Trucks, 2 Chiefs, 1 Ambulance

Photos courtesy of Dick Harris (PF&R)

NEWS RELEASE 09/02/12: Portland Fire & Rescue battles a 5-Alarm blaze.

At 2:53 this morning, Portland Fire & Rescue was dispatched to a commercial fire at 1401 N Hayden Island Drive.  Engine 17 (Hayden Island) arrived to find that heavy fire had already vented through the roof.  The fire grew to 5 alarms by 4:23 AM.

This building has been vacant and secure for a number of years, but has been used for storage, which created a heavy fire load.  The main complex includes 5 additional structures, all connected by corridors.

Because of the size of the structure, heavy fire load, and vacant and secure status of the property, crews immediately began their fire attack using large volumes of water delivered through master streams. Master streams are the large diameter nozzles carried on top of the fire engines or on top of the ladders.  They are capable of putting out a tremendous volume of water. In addition to the land response, fire boats attacked the fire from the river.

The fire response included:
20 fire engines,
5 fire trucks,
1 squad,
3 fire boats
1 mobile command unit,
1 rehab unit,
1 air unit,
7 Chief officers, including Fire Chief Erin Janssens,
39 fire apparatus total

The fire was declared under control at 7:02 AM.

While requiring extensive resources, we have called back firefighters to staff reserve apparatus, and also utilized our mutual aid partners to continue to provide coverage across the city.  It's important to contain the fire from spreading to additional properties and also reduce fire spread through airborne embers. 

Contact:  Michael Silva, PIO

Portland Media Pager: 503-940-6003

Pictures by Fire Photographers, Greg Muhr and Dick Harris


Posted: September 5th, 2012 2:58 PM

Portland Fire & Rescue, together with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) announced that a tip and information line has been established for the fire at 1401 N. Hayden Island Drive. If anybody has any tips, information, videos or photographs of the fire, they are urged to call 1-800-800-3855. Select Option 2 at the first voice prompt, then Option 3 at the second prompt. An agent will then be available to talk to you. Please reference the Portland Thunderbird Fire. You may remain anonymous, but your information is needed for follow-up contact.

"It is important in large scale fire investigations to enlist the public's help in providing possible leads," said ATF National Response Team (NRT) leader, Christopher Porreca. "Fire scenes are extremely complex and even the smallest bit of information could be crucial in identifying and assisting in the determination of the cause of the fire."

NEWS RELEASE 09/06/12: Portland Fire responds to a Natural Gas Emergency--Road closed

Portland Fire & Rescue has responded to a Natural Gas emergency where a gas line was accidentally severed by a utility crew.  NE Glisan is closed from NE 149th Ave. to NE 153rd Ave.  Homes in the area are being evacuated as a precautionary measure.  The closure will remain in effect until the line has been shut down and the scene secured.

NEWS RELEASE 09/06/12: PORTLAND FIRE re-opens NE Glisan following a Natural Gas Incident

Portland Fire & Rescue was dispatched at 8:47 AM to a report of a gas line being severed by a City of Portland utility crew at 15056 NE Glisan Ave..  Engine 31 (Rockwood) was the first unit to arrive and reported that a line approximately three inches in diameter had been severed and was venting gas.  Portland Fire crews connected to a hydrant and stretched hose lines to protect the scene until it could be secured.  

NE Glisan was shut down between NE 149th and NE 153rd for a brief time and homes in the immediate area were evacuated as a precautionary measure.  A NW Natural crew arrived to cap and shut down the severed line.  Portland Fire crews then used gas monitors to assure that the gas had dissipated prior to allowing the residents to return to their homes.  At 9:53 AM the road was opened to resume traffic.

Portland Fire reminds you that if you smell gas:

    * Do not attempt to locate gas leaks.
    * Do not remain in any building when there is a strong gas odor.
    * Avoid sparks -- do not operate any electrical switches, appliances or lights.
    * Do not use telephones or elevators in the area of a strong gas odor.
    * Do not position or operate vehicles and power equipment where leaking gas may be present.
    * Do not smoke or use lighters, matches or other open flames.
    * Report the gas leak immediately.