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Implementation & Reporting

PF&R uses a three-tiered approach to accomplishing organizational strategic planning. This three-tiered approach ensures that strategic plan implementation is realistic, attainable and successful. The strategic plan is the first tier in our three-tiered approach.

  1. 2010-2015 Strategic Plan: The strategic plan provides direction and focus for all employees and helps the organization’s various work units align with PF&R’s mission.  
  2. Annual Business Plan: The second tier in our three-tiered approach is our Annual Business Plan that is linked to the strategic plan. The strategic plan is successful through the implementation of the Annual Business Plans in that they ensure that all of the strategies from the strategic plan are implemented. A new Annual Business Plan is developed each fiscal year and is linked to the strategic plan. The Annual Business Plan may also include items that, while not strategic in nature, are significant from an operational standpoint. These additional items are Business Items (BIs) or Major Initiatives (MIs). BIs are division-specific tasks that a division feels are significant to track performance throughout a fiscal year. MIs are significant large-scale projects requiring multiple years for implementation and impacting several divisional areas.  The Annual Business Plan is successful through implementation of the Annual Division Work Plans, which are the third tier in our three-tiered approach.  
  3. Annual Division Work Plans: Each of PF&R’s four divisions (EOPS, MSD, Prevention, Training & Safety) plus the Chief’s Office has its own Division Work Plan. Each division creates a new Work Plan every fiscal year. The Work Plans include BIs and MIs, along with strategies, assigned to the division from the Annual Business Plan.Completing the Work Plans will lead to completing the Annual Business Plan.

To summarize PF&R’s three-tiered approach, the completion of the Work Plans by the Divisions and Chief’s Office will lead to completing the Annual Business Plan, thereby completing the Strategic Plan over a five-year period.

PF&R uses a reporting process to monitor progress implementing the Annual Business Plan.  Each quarter’s progress on the Annual Business Plan is outlined in a Quarterly Report.  Divisions and the Chief’s Office, through their Work Plan, provide status information about strategies, Business Items and Major Initiatives.   This status information from the five Work Plans is compiled to form one Quarterly Report. The Quarterly Report helps PF&R monitor progress.