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Eligible Hire List FAQ

Is there an expiration date for Recruitment 2019-00228?

This list is tentatively scheduled to expire in August 2021

Does Portland Fire & Rescue know which list will be used for upcoming academies?

No. Candidates from both lists will be notified by email if they are being considered for hire for an upcoming academy.

Can I review my panel/Chief's interview notes?

Portland Fire & Rescue's selection documents are not available for review.

Is there any way to get feedback about my panel interview?

We understand the value of receiving feedback about your interview to get a better understanding on how you can improve on future interviews.  Below are a few suggestions:

  • Practice, Practice, Practice -  As with any skill, the more you do it, the better you will be at it.  Practice with a variety of peers who have different careers to get a broader perspective and to get a range of feedback.  Repeated practice allows you to hear yourself articulate your thoughts and see if you are speaking clearly and if your answers are relevant and impactful.
  • Find ways to calm your nerves during the interview.  Different techniques such as deep breathing prior to start can often times calm the nerves. 
  • Draw on perspectives from outside the organization and your own experience. 
  • Recognize if your answers to questions sound like you are summarizing your resume. We encourage you to share characteristics of yourself along with experiences when these characteristics were displayed. 
  • Understand interview questions do not have a wrong or right answer. Recognize when you're answering questions based on what you believe the panel wants to hear. Panelists want to hear your story.  Be genuine. Be authentic.


Can I get more information regarding the Fire Chief's Interview?

Fire Chief's Interviews will be conducted prior to the start of a Fire Academy and only candidates being considered for that specific academy will be contacted by email. Candidates will only be invited to the Fire Chief's interview in ranked order as vacancies occur. The Fire Chief's selection panel will interview candidates from the final ranked eligible hire list (candidates who have successfully passed all prior evaluation steps). Fire Chief's interview is pass/fail.

How many fire academies will consist of candidates from Recruitment 2019 - 01137?

The start of an academy is dependent on vacancies and budget.  The projected date for the next academy is June 2020, subject to change.  Dates for future academies have not been determined.  Please check the website frequently for updates. 

How will candidates on the final eligible hire list be notified if they are being considered for a Chief's Interview?

The Recruiting Office or Human Resources will contact candidates by email. 

Who do I contact if I need to update any of my personal information; phone, email, address?

Please email