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NEWS RELEASE 12/23/09: Portland Firefighter Injured Fighting Fire at Mobile Home Park


At approximately 3:00 am this morning, Portland Fire & Rescue firefighters were dispatched to a report of fire at a mobile home park on N. Hayden Island Drive. Upon arrival, Portland firefighters found a "well involved" fifth wheel travel trailer. Firefighters received confirmation from occupants that everyone was safely out of the trailer.  Due to the heavy fire involvement, firefighters fought this fire defensively from the exterior.

While extinguishing the fire, one firefighter was injured in a fall and subsequently transported to Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) for evaluation. The firefighter is in stable condition and will hopefully be evaluated, treated, and released today.

The fire was extinguished without further incident and the trailers occupants are being assisted by firefighters until they have to go to work early this morning.

December 23, 2009


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