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Fire Commissioner Randy Leonard Passes PF&R's Physical Agility Test (PAT)


Firefighters must be in excellent physical condition to meet the demands of the job.  They must work quickly while handling heavy equipment for long periods of time and wear special protective gear in hot conditions while performing demanding tasks. 

Think you could handle it?

Commissioner Randy Leonard came out to show his support for the fire bureau by taking the Physical Agility Test (PAT).  Each firefighter candidate is required to take and pass the PAT test which includes several tasks similar to those performed by firefighters on the job.  These tasks are designed to test strength, stamina, endurance, agility and ability to work at heights. Candidates must complete the Physical Agility Test within PF&R’s time standard of 8 minutes and 2 seconds wearing a helmet, turnout jacket, and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) facsimile (weight 21 lbs).


The events in the PAT test include a simulated ladder rack, hose carry, electric fan, fan placement, ladder raise, ladder halyard, body drag, foam bucket carry, and simulated hose pull. 



Commissioner Leonard passed the PAT Test with a respectable time of just over 7 minutes. In the company of a PF&R Safety Officer and when properly equipped, Commissioner Leonard is now qualified to be on the fireground. PF&R is fortunate to have such a hands-on Commissioner!


To learn more about PF&R’s PAT Test, click hereLink here to view Commissioner Leonard's blog.

December 15, 2009


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December 29, 2009 at 12:08 PM

Is it true that he is on disability from the Fire Bureau? If so, how can someone continue on that status when he is able to pass this test?


Randy Leonard

December 30, 2009 at 10:37 PM

I am not "on disability" from the Portland Fire Bureau.

I have been retired from the Portland Fire Bureau since I was elected to the city council in November, 2002.



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