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Annual Inspection of PF&R's Fire Stations, Apparatus & Equipment


Over the past two months, all Portland Fire & Rescue’s (PF&R) fire stations underwent the annual Chief’s Inspection.  Each year, the Fire Chief partners with battalion chiefs to conduct a comprehensive inspection of each of the 30 fire stations, including the grounds, front-line apparatus, and firefighting, medical, and other specialized equipment. All items were checked for condition, functionality, and cleanliness. 

The annual inspection process was established to ensure a state of emergency readiness, provide a clean and safe workplace, and promote professionalism in PF&R’s workplace.


Battalion Chief Funk evaluates and inspects Station 5  

PF&R staff highly values this tradition and the station personnel take great pride in preparing for the Chief’s inspection.  Before the Fire Chief and battalion chief arrive, each station goes through a rigorous cleaning from top to bottom. All ceilings, walls, and floors are washed down, painted, and waxed to perfection. The apparatus go through a top to bottom cleansing as well. All tools are taken off the apparatus, cleaned, checked for operation, remarked, inventoried, and placed back in perfect order for the inspection. The Fire Chief and battalion chiefs inspect each tool for proper operation, cleanliness, and correct markings. No area is overlooked!

As PF&R is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week operation, keeping the station, grounds, and apparatus inspection ready can be a challenge. For example, just minutes before the Fire Chief arrived to conduct one of the station’s inspection, the engine was dispatched to a car fire in the rain a couple miles away. Upon returning to the station, the crew quickly re-prepared the tools and apparatus.

Without the support of many individuals in the organization, the annual inspection would not be nearly as successful. Staff in PF&R’s Logistics section also assisted station personnel in preparation for the inspection. They provided materials and repairs leading up to the day of inspection. With thirty stations and the apparatus assigned to each workplace, this is quite an undertaking.

Each and every day, PF&R’s members work to guarantee that all apparatus and equipment is prepared to a high degree, functional, and ready for deployment.  When you call 911, PF&R responds with crews that are exceptionally trained, equip, and prepared to handle any emergency. The Chief’s Inspections allow stations to demonstrate their preparedness.

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May 18, 2010


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