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Portland Fire's Spring 2011 Ceremony Celebrates Awards, Promotions & Years of Service


Portland Fire & Rescue’s (PF&R) Spring 2011 Award Ceremony was held Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 7:00 pm at PF&R’s Training Center on NE 122nd.    

PF&R’s Awards Committee previously evaluated nominations for awards submitted from internal employees and external sources and recommended the degree of recognition to Fire Chief John Klum. The committee provides recognition to:

  • Persons who have made an outstanding contribution to PF&R and/or the community, or performed any actions which promote the well being or betterment of the fire service in general.
  • Persons who have performed unselfish acts, often above and beyond the call of duty or the expected, to help others. This may or may not include possible harm or risk to one’s own well-being.
  • PF&R awards are not reserved exclusively for firefighters, but may be presented to any deserving individuals.


Clockwise - PF&R's Honor Guard, Fire Chief John Klum, and Fire Commissioner Randy Leonard

To begin the award ceremony, PF&R's Honor Guard presented the colors and Fire Chief John Klum, Fire Commissioner Randy Leonard, and Portland Firefighters Association, Local 43 President Jim Forquer welcomed attendees. Public Information Officers Paul Corah and Tommy Schroeder then celebrated the following awards, promotions, and years of service. 




Clockwise - Captain Kyle Wochnick receives the Firefighter of the Year Award, Andrew Burke and Michael Falagrong receive Certificates of Merit, and Historic Belmont Firehouse Volunteer June Porth receives the Fire Chief's Certificate



Clockwise - Salem Firefighter Paramedic Ryan Schenk receives a Certificate of Merit, Battalion Chief Don Russ receives a Letter of Appreciation, and Senior Business Systems Analyst Leon Hart receives a Certificate of Achievement



Clockwise - Firefighter Mike Rider receives a Letter of Appreciation, Steve Nguyen receives a Certificate of Merit, and PCC Campus Police Kevin Kogerger and Jeff Grider receive Certificates of Merit

  • Firefighter of the Year: Training Staff Captain Kyle Wochnick
  • Letter of Commendation: Safe Driver of the Year Firefighter Kelly Ekhoff      
  • Certificate of Merit: Tim Porter
  • Certificate of Merit: Michael Falagrong and Andrew Burke
  • Fire Chief’s Certificate: June Porth
  • Certificate of Merit: Kris Fosgren
  • Certificate of Merit: Salem Firefighter Ryan Schenk and Dishman Community Center Members Chuck Amato, Neal Blassingame, Ian Kirkland, Cyrus Loran, and Robert Donaldson                      
  • Letter of Appreciation: Battalion Chief Don Russ, Captain Don Kelly, and Captain Kyle Wochnick,
  • Certificate of Achievement: Senior Business Systems Analyst Leon Hart
  • Letter of Appreciation: Lieutenant Chris Barney, Investigator Jason Andersen, and Firefighters Ed Resch, Gordon Hartung, and Mike Rider
  • Letter of Recognition: Jami Gresham, Amy Shank, Lisa Pearson, Jodi Warren, Keri White, Michelle Jensen, Carrie Rose, Trish Murphy, and Erika French
  • Certificate of Merit: Steven Nguyen      
  • Certificate of Merit: Portland Community College Campus Police Kevin Loberger and Jeff Grider



Newly promoted sworn personnel proudly show off their certificates

  • Roger Wills, Pilot
  • Colin McGladrey, Pilot
  • Michael Callaway, Pilot
  • Robert Bergstrom, Pilot
  • Matthew St. Mary, Inspector
  • Earnest Booker, Inspector
  • Wy-Lee Barnett, Inspector
  • Richard Tremblay, Inspector
  • Leo Krick, Battalion Chief
  • Marco Benetti, Deputy Chief
  • Kevin Shanders, Battalion Chief
  • Tim Matthews, Lieutenant
  • Steven Bregman, Captain

Lapel Pins Awarded for 25-Years of Service at PF&R:


Deputy Chief Marco Benetti, Lieutenant/Inspector Rick Trembly, Battalion Chief Don Russ, and Firefighter Jon White

  • Michael Alderman, Inspector
  • Jeffrey Bancroft, Deputy Chief
  • William Barrie, Lieutenant                    
  • Marco Benetti, Deputy Chief
  • Robert Bergstrom, Pilot
  • Steven Cottrell, Captain
  • Steven Danna, Lieutenant
  • Merrill Gonterman, Battalion Chief
  • Leo Krick, Battalion Chief
  • Mark Janicke, Lieutenant
  • Philip Loving, Lieutenant
  • Jerry McIntire, Pilot
  • Richard McCaul, Firefighter
  • Randy Messner, Pilot
  • Todd Schweitz, Lieutenant
  • Anthony Snook, Firefighter
  • Richard Stenhouse, Battalion Chief
  • Peter Straub, Firefighter
  • Richard Tremblay, Inspector
  • Timothy Von Seggern, Pilot

Lapel Pins Awarded for 30-Years of Service at PF&R:

  • Jeffrey Namhie, Firefighter
  • Richard Haney, Assistant Fire Marshal
  • Donavon Howland, Lieutenant
  • Paul Corah, Public Information Officer
  • Victor Sheehan, Firefighter
  • Gordon Hovies, Lieutenant      
  • Robert Happel, Inspector
  • John Boyd, Firefighter
  • Mark Lyons, Lieutenant
  • James Hanson, Inspector
  • Paul Bieker, Lieutenant
  • Robert Perier, Video Production Specialist
  • Kent Powloski, Video Production Manager
  • Robert Kraai, Firefighter
  • Michael Glenn, Captain
  • Gary Fairchild, Firefighter
  • David Keller, Lieutenant
  • Michael Dixon, Firefighter
  • David Simpson, Lieutenant
  • Carl Taylor, Firefighter

Lapel Pins Awarded for 35-Years of Service at PF&R:


Fire Commissioner Randy Leonard congratulates HazMat Coordinator Grant Coffey on his 35-years of service at PF&R.

  • Linda Hockett, Administrative Assistant
  • Glen Eisner, Deputy Chief        
  • Luis Martinez, Firefighter
  • Gary Geil, Pilot
  • Grant Coffey, Haz Mat

Additional photos from the ceremony will be added to Portland Fire & Rescue's Facebook.



   Portland Fire & Rescue 

   We Respond: Always Ready, Always There

   May 25, 2011 


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