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Fire Extinguishers: An Important Part of a Safe Home


Portland Fire & Rescue encourages every household to have a home safety plan that focuses on both preventing fires and responding to a fire should one occur. Fire extinguishers are an important part of this plan. Fire extinguishers are your second line of defense behind a smoke detector and can be the difference between a small inconvenience and a life-changing event.

“Quick Check” Your Home Fire Extinguisher



It is important to not just hang your extinguisher on the wall or in the cupboard. Plan ahead, read the instruction manual and know your extinguisher’s capabilities before use. Portable extinguishers are useful for putting out small fires, but recognize your limits and the limits of the extinguisher.

Assistant Public Information Officer and Portland Fire Lieutenant Rich Tyler reminds citizens that, "Fire extinguishers do not have an indefinite life, even if they are never actually used."  He goes on to say, "This is why it is important to inspect or conduct a “quick check” each month on your home fire extinguisher."

A “quick check” is a brief inspection to determine that a fire extinguisher is available and will operate, when and if it is needed. The purpose is to give you reasonable assurance that the fire extinguisher is fully charged and operable. This is done by verifying that the fire extinguisher is in its designated place, that it has not been discharged or tampered with, and that there is no obvious physical damage or condition to prevent its operation.

For a simple one-page directional sheet on how to ensure your fire extinguisher is ready for use if needed, click here.


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   October 3, 2011 


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Jeana Sted

December 30, 2020 at 2:42 PM

Your quick tip sheet mentions having fire extinguisher maintenance done. Where can I have this done? Thank you.


Thomson Smith

August 20, 2021 at 8:41 AM

Thanks for elaborating on how fire extinguishers can help keep your home safe. I want my new house to be as safe as possible for my family, so I'm thinking about buying some fire extinguishers for it this week. I'm going to look for a reliable business in my area that can sell me some fire extinguishers.

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