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Fire & Rescue

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PF&R Grooming Standards

Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) expects uniformed members to be well-groomed and professional in appearance when on duty.  The grooming guidelines were developed as well to ensure safety and uniformity, promote pride in PF&R, and foster public respect for firefighters. Provided below is a partial, summarized list of PF&R’s grooming standards. Meeting these grooming standards is a condition of employment.  Grooming standards apply to all sworn members of PF&R.
  • No beards or goatees.
  • Hair below the lower lip shall be no larger than ½ inch by ½ inch.
  • Sideburns must be neatly trimmed.
  • Mustaches must be neatly trimmed.
  • Tattoos, body art, or brands are prohibited if they are obscene, sexually explicit, denote a violent or exclusionary group, or advocate or symbolize discrimination against any sex, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or nationality.
  • Neck and face tattoos are not allowed,
  • Hair must be a color naturally occurring in human hair.
  • Hair must not extend below the top of the eyebrows in front, shall not fall more than one inch over the top of the ears on the sides, or extend below the bottom edge of the collar of the duty uniform shirt in the back. While on duty, hair shall not extend below the horizontal shoulder-to-shoulder seam of the duty uniform in the back. Longer hair may be restrained with a single ponytail, single braid, single bun, or by cornrow-style braids.
  • In no case shall the bulk or style of a member’s hair interfere with wearing PF&R headgear, including hoods, helmets, and self-contained breathing apparatus facepieces.
  • Cosmetics, if worn, must be conservative and in good taste.
  • Necklaces or medallions around the neck must be kept under the PF&R shirt.
  • Earrings are limited to “post” style; the decorative front may not be larger than ¼ inch.  No more than one ear post is allowed per ear, and that post must be in the ear lobe. Ear plugs are not allowed. Earlobes expanded by rings are not permitted.
  • Aside from earrings, no other visible body piercing jewelry is allowed while in uniform or on duty.  This includes, but is not limited to, nose rings, tongue studs, eyebrow rings, etc.
  • Rings on fingers are permitted as long as they do not interfere with quick donning of gloves or turnout coats. 
  • Fingernails may not compromise the integrity of protective gloves and, in all cases, may not extend more than ¼ inch beyond the end of the fingertip.
  • Nail polish, if worn, must be transparent, or similar in color to the nail or nail bed.