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The 2019 Fire Prevention Month Coloring Contest Accepting Applicants

A child's drawing about two ways out of any room


Welcome to PF&R’s 2019 Fire Prevention Month Poster Contest! We hope you have fun while creating art that encourages fire safety in the home, school and community.

1. Each poster should be about one of the fire safety messages listed below.

2. Posters can be on any type of paper or poster board, and size can range from 8.5”x 11” to 18”x 24.

3. Crayons, markers, pencils, etc. can be used.

4. The back of the poster must clearly include:
• Name of student
• Grade and age of student
• Name of School and program (for example, SUN at Vestal School)
• Class or Teacher’s name

5. All posters must be turned in to Portland Fire & Rescue by Oct. 31st at 5:00pm. To submit posters, either mail them in or call us and we will pick them up at your school.
* Mailing address: 55 SW Ash St. * For pick up at school – call (503)823-3550
Portland, OR 97204

6. Posters will be judged in 2 categories: Grade K-2 and grades 3-5. Winners will be announced by early December 2019.


Create a poster using an idea from one of the messages below. You don’t have to include words, but you can if you want.

1)  “Not every hero wears a cape. PLAN and PRACTICE your ESCAPE.”
• Listen for the sound of a smoke alarm. You could have only minutes to escape safely once the smoke alarm sounds.
• Learn two ways out of every room and make sure all doors and windows leading outside open easily and are free of clutter.
• Have a meeting place. Go to your outside meeting place, which should be a safe distance from the home and where everyone should know to meet.

2) “Every Second Counts – Plan Two Ways Out”
• Have 2 ways out.
• Get low and go! Smoke is poisonous; the clean air is down low. When you crawl or stay low, you can breathe the clean air that is below the smoke.
• In case of fire, Get out and stay out! Accidents happen when people try to go back inside a burning building.
• Have a “Safe Meeting Place” – so family and firefighters know you got out safely. It could be a nearby tree, a mailbox, a sign or fence that is a safe distance from the home, and where firefighters can see you.

3) “Hear the Beep Where You Sleep: Every Bedroom needs a working smoke alarm”
• When you are asleep, you cannot see, hear or smell fire.
• Smoke alarms let you know when there is a fire, so you can get outside and stay outside.
• Smoke alarms should be located in every bedroom, outside every bedroom, and on every level of your home.