Convention Center Spires Will Turn Red in Honor Of Fallen Firefighters

Portland Fire and Rescue
Portland Fire and Rescue

October 04, 2019 13:30


Updated with attribution to Fire Commisioner Jo Ann Hardesty

In honor of National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend, the Oregon Convention Center spires will be set alight in red from dusk to dawn on Sunday October 6th.

“This weekend, the names of 92 firefighters from across the nation who died in the line of duty in 2018 will be added to the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial. When firefighters go out to a call, we know that there is always a chance that we won’t come back. When our families see us off for our shift, they don’t know if this will be their last goodbye. When you see red in the sky over the Oregon Convention Center, I hope that you will take a moment to reflect on the sacrifice that these 92 firefighters and their families gave in the pursuit of community safety,” says Fire Chief Sara Boone.

Fire Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesy says: “This weekend, we take time to recognize all the firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Firefighting is a dangerous job and we appreciate all the talented people who take risks to help others. Join me in thinking of them when you see red in the sky.”

Every October, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) sponsors the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend, the official national tribute to those firefighters who died in the line of duty during the previous year.

Thank you to the Oregon Convention Center for lighting its spires to mark this occasion.