Portland and Gresham respond to a fire at 157th Ave and E Burnside (Photo)

Portland Fire and Rescue
Portland Fire and Rescue

January 24, 2022 18:45


At 3:18 pm today, Crews from Gresham and Portland Fire Responded to a reported fire at a Duplex just north of E Burnside at 157th Ave. This fire was called in by the neighbor of the duplex that saw flames from the back of the home.  Crews arrived and had heavy smoke from the eaves and the back of the structure. They were able to do a quick knockdown of the fire and search both apartments.  The fire did extend into the roof structure and crews were met with difficulty when the power supply continued to arc at the back of the structure.  The Power company was called and had to shut power off to a city block to allow crews to completely extinguish the fire.  The Arson investigator was called to help determine the cause.  No injuries were reported and the cause is still under investigation.

Public Safety Reminder… During this cold time of year, Portlander residents are reminded to keep space heaters away from combustibles and never leave candles unattended.