Candle starts fire at a home in SE Portland (Photo)

Portland Fire and Rescue
Portland Fire and Rescue

April 20, 2022 13:45


At 11:15 this morning calls came in that the doorway of a home was on fire at 6417 SE 84th Ave. When crews arrived they found a 1.5-story home with a basement that had heavy fire involvement on the first and second floors. Initial reports were that several people live in the home and it was uncertain if everyone was out. In light of this information, additional ambulances were called to the scene. 

When the first Engine arrived they did a face-to-face with a resident and they said that everyone was out. Although the information is most likely credible, as a standard practice we do a complete search of the structure in case someone was missed. Crews were able to attack the fire quickly but it took a little longer to completely extinguish this as the fire did get into void spaces in the second-floor cockloft and roof area.

One resident in their 50s had minor burns on their hand. They were treated by AMR but refused transport. During the course of the investigation, the house was found to be deenergized and residents were using candles to keep warm. The unattended candle turned out to be the cause.

Candles start thousands of fires each year, PF&R Reminds all residents to never leave burning candles unattended.