One dead, two injured on Lewis & Clark College campus

Portland Fire and Rescue
Portland Fire and Rescue

August 29, 2022 23:35


Tonight, just after 8:15 pm crews were called to the campus of Lewis & Clark College for reports of multiple people injured due to a brick column that collapsed. It was confirmed that there was nobody pinned beneath the column but there were multiple injuries. Callers reported that one person was seriously injured, and people were performing CPR on him. Due to the number of possible patients, dispatch called for three ambulances, three fire apparatus, and one Chief along with PPB. 

The medical scene was centrally located on the campus with challenging access due to the size of this college campus. Security was able to quickly get apparatus close to the scene. AMR was on the scene first and confirmed that one 19-year-old Male patient had died, and two 18-year-old Female patients were injured. One of the females had injuries to one arm and the other had abdominal injuries. They were both transported to a local hospital and their condition is unknown at this time. 

PPB spoke to students, and they did confirm that there were six people in three hammocks when the masonry column fell inward toward students. The scene was turned back over to Lewis & Clark College just before 11:00 pm and they will be the lead on this moving forward.