Portland Fire & Rescue, Portland Parks & Recreation and Others Offer Career Week Opportunities for Portland World Cup Soccer Tournament Players (Photo)

June 09, 2014 23:48


Teens taking part in Portland Parks & Recreation's Portland World Cup Soccer tournament will enjoy consecutive career days at a variety of prominent organizations next week, including Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R).

Portland Fire & Rescue sponsors and coaches teams in the Portland World Cup Soccer Tournament. PF&R will be welcoming Portland World Soccer youth to our training center, which also houses a working fire station: Station 2. We'll be offering participants a tour of the station, instruction in hands-only CPR, and the chance to practice firefighting activities on the fire drill ground. PF&R will be introducing them to many elements of a career in the fire service, so that youth might consider this line of work for their future.

Media are welcome to attend the session at the Portland Fire Bureau's training center.

WHAT: Portland Fire & Rescue career day session with Portland World Cup Tournament players
WHERE: Fire Station 2, NE 122nd and NE Sandy Blvd
WHEN: Friday, June 13, from 3:30-5pm.

Career days are an important part of the Portland World Cup Tournament. Youth originally from all over the globe learn about various professions and employment opportunities with government agencies and private companies in Portland. World Cup participants can talk to a wide range of professionals ask questions about career paths, workforce diversity, education, skills, and more. The goals is that such experiences will aid the teens in choosing a future career, and further integrating them into life in Portland, and in the US.

"PF&R is pleased to once again host a career day for Portland World Cup Soccer participants," says PF&R Chief Erin Janssens. "Our firefighters have learned so much from coaching Portland World Cup youth teams -- it's our turn to return the favor and introduce these potential recruits to what a career in the fire service looks like. I hope that they are inspired with insight and a desire to serve the community -- to be on the front line responding to fires, medical calls, and emergencies of all kinds, whenever the community is in need."

Portland World Cup players will also have options to visit KBOO-FM, Portland Police Bureau's East Precinct, Portland International Airport, and to learn about the US Marine Corps. The teens may also learn more about the FBI, City of Portland careers (at City Hall), and OHSU.

The Portland World Cup Soccer Tournament will be held on July 3 and 4 at Portland Parks & Recreation's Delta Park. The tournament and its associated programs engage underserved and underrepresented immigrant and refugee youth who've come to Portland from all over the world, representing nearly two dozen ethnicities and cultures. This event is an important celebration of diversity, family, partnership, and integration in Portland. There are 17 boys' teams and six girls' teams taking part in the 2014 tournament. Registration is closed for this year.

"When we talk about 'closing the play gap' here in Portland, we mean providing for people who need parks, recreation and play the most," says Portland Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz. "The Portland World Cup Soccer Tournament and its related activities help foster awareness about what our city offers for people new to Portland - athletic, educational, career opportunities and more - through the international language of football - also known as soccer here in Portland."

The career days are just one element of the Portland World Cup Soccer Tournament, which is part of a year-round educational and life skills program put on by City of Portland staff, partners, and volunteers.

"The Portland World Cup Soccer Tournament is about much more than a game," says Polo Catalani of the Office of Equity and Human Rights. "It's about investing our efforts now to embrace the changing face of our city, about integrating people new to both Portland and the United States into our society and our quality of life, and about showing them how to take part in democracy."

Catalani notes that one in five Portlanders are now foreign-born, and nearly half of area public school students belong to ethnic minority families. In many underserved north and east Portland neighborhoods, these percentages are even higher.

About the Portland World Cup of Soccer
Portland Parks & Recreation first developed the Portland World Cup in 2010. The tournament brings to the pitch a celebration of cultural traditions and diversity - an enrichment event that links the culturally diverse communities, the Portland community, and the City of Portland. This event is a gathering for Portland's youth to kick for a common purpose.

More than two dozen local community organizations join together with the City of Portland to host the annual tournament at Delta Park. The 2013 tournament included 14 teams and more than 200 athletes, representing more than a dozen countries. The players' ages range from 16-19 years old.

But the Portland World Cup Soccer Tournament is about much more than soccer. Ongoing community efforts for players help athletes secure summer jobs and career training. This mission fits well with Portland Parks & Recreation, the primary force behind the tournament as well as the largest employer of teens in the City of Portland. Players new to the Rose City also learn about the wide variety of services offered by Portland Parks & Recreation and other city entities, and how to take part in them. Players tour city offices including the fire bureau training academy.

We help youth get past the challenges of being a teen, and a newcomer to Portland. We foster peace, understanding, and embracing other cultures.

Perhaps nothing could be more American.

Thank you to our valued partners
Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)
David Douglas School District
Office of Equity and Human Rights
The Oregon Bhutanese community
The African Youth Council of Oregon

For more information, call 503-823-5300 or visit portlandparks.org.

Credit for attached photos: Lindsay Betscher