(update)PF&R rescues one victim from morning house fire

Portland Fire and Rescue
Portland Fire and Rescue

June 16, 2014 19:55


At 8:30am neighbors reported seeing smoke and fire from the front a home at 9809 SE Holgate. They also reported seeing the home recently occupied. PF&R crews arrived to find heavy fire involvement in the home with smoke and flames visible from a front window. Ladder Truck 7 was assigned to "search&rescue" of the home; they located one unconscious adult female and brought her out to EMT and Paramedic firefighters of Engine 29 who were assigned to provide medical assistance. Two of these firefighters were used to provide Advanced Life Support(ALS) medical care during ambulance transport to Emanuel Hospital -the 52yr old female patient suffered significant inhalation and burn injuries and is currently listed in critical condition. Fire investigators have determined that the fire was accidental and began on a couch, the ignition source is unknown at this time. No other injuries to firefighters, residents or pets were reported. Fire investigators also discovered that the home was actually vacant and the injured resident was living there illegally. The home had no working utilities, most importantly no working smoke alarms.

Safety Message: The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has reported that in the years between 2003-2006 there were 31,000 vacant home fires reported -resulting in 50 fatalities and 141 injuries to residents. The report also indicates a major increase in these dangerous fires in the years since 2005 that have resulted in many serious injuries to responding firefighters and neighboring residents.
Vacant home fires are a serious life/safety hazard to any neighborhood. If you see any suspicious activity in a home that should be vacant please call our non-emergency line to report it at 503-823-3333.