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The City of Portland, Oregon

Nick Fish (In Memoriam)

City of Portland Commissioner

phone: 503-823-3589


1221 S.W. 4th, Room 240, Portland, OR 97204

Free public presentation on adapting to climate change

February 5, 2014

Join us next Tuesday, February 11 at noon for Dr. Timothy Beatley’s “The Promise of Nature in Cities” presentation.

The Bureau of Environmental Services is proud to sponsor this free and important presentation in partnership with the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, the Audubon Society of Portland, Friends of Trees, The Intertwine, and Urban Greenspaces Institute.

Dr. Beatley, a Sustainable Communities professor at the University of Virginia, will teach us how to be more sustainable and adapt to climate change.  By working with nature, we can reduce our ecological footprint – and positively impact our communities for future generations.

The Promise of Nature in Cities

Dr. Timothy Beatley, University of Virginia

February 11, 2014

Noon – 1 pm

1900 SW 4th Avenue, Room 2500 (located on the 2nd floor)

Contact Linc Mann at (503) 823-5328 for more information

Be prepared for cold weather

February 6, 2014

Bitterly cold temperatures and chilling winds can cause pipes to freeze – which can damage your property. The Portland Water Bureau (PWB) has some tips to help you protect your home:

  • Make sure that hot and cold pipes are insulated in unheated areas, such as the garage or attic.
  • Keep cupboard doors in the kitchen and bathrooms open to allow pipes behind walls and under floors to get additional heat from inside of your home.
  • Outside of your home, disconnect and drain hoses from faucets.
  • Use insulating covers to wrap faucets and backflow assemblies.
  • Cover foundation vents with foam blocks, thickly folded newspaper, or cardboard.

You can figure out if a pipe is frozen by turning on all the faucets in your home.  If one does not work, then it may be frozen.  To thaw plumbing lines safely, you can use a hair dryer or a heat lamp (do not use an open flame).  To prevent the pipe from freezing again, make sure to leave the water running a little bit.

It’s also important to know where the shut-off valve is in your home.  Most shut-off valves can be found in the crawl space, basement, or garage, where the water line from the meter enters the home.  It may also be found outside of the house near the foundation, protected by a concrete ring or a clay pipe.

If you have a water emergency, Portland Water Bureau Maintenance & Construction crews are ready to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But note that frozen pipes inside your home or between the water meter and your home, cannot be fixed by Portland Water Bureau. 

Portland Water Bureau is available to respond to questions or concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (503) 823-4874.  

City offices closed February 7

February 7, 2014

The City of Roses is a winter wonderland today, so Portland City offices are closed to the public. Essential emergency staff will be working today.

Call the Portland Water Bureau's 24/7 hotline if you have an urgent water system emergency: (503) 823-4874.

If you or someone you know needs shelter, call 2-1-1 to be directed to the nearest warming center. Emergency services are on hand to help people find a safe place to escape the cold.

Thanks to the many volunteers, community partners, and emergency personnel working hard in this wintry weather!

Spirit of Portland

February 7, 2014 

Last night, Nick was proud to see first-hand how the winter storm brought out the best in our community.

As most people headed home to their families, a team of Portland firefighters set out in two Fire Bureau vans and searched for folks trapped out in the cold with no home to go to.

Nick joined Lt. Joe Troncoso and Lt. Matthew Silva in their van and picked up a number of people struggling for warmth as the snow came down and temperatures dropped. They stopped by the Union Gospel Mission and Bud Clark Commons to check on availability, and met a large group of people hunkered down under the Burnside Bridge. Once the van was full, Nick and the lieutenants headed over the bridge to the Imago Dei warming shelter.

While the Red Cross was preparing Imago Dei to open, the van took folks to the nearby Three Friends Coffee House, where owner, Bobbi Bicogo, welcomed everyone with a warm cup of coffee.

As the crew headed back to the van, they got a call about a disoriented man at the Lloyd Center Mall. When Nick and the lieutenants arrived, they found the man weak and in need of his insulin, which was at his home in East Portland. Secure in the van, the crew took him to his home out on 121st and made sure he was back in safe hands.

The tremendous work of Lieutenants Troncoso and Silva, gestures from a small business owner like Bobbi, and the dozens of volunteers who worked through the night demonstrate the true spirit of Portland.

If you would like to donate clothes or blankets, please call 2-1-1 for information about which shelters you can drop off your donation.

Remember, we expect more snow later today, so please use extra caution on the roads or leave your car at home if possible.

Portland Commissioner Nick Fish applauds residents for heeding warnings, staying inside as City says 'stay home'

Andrew Theen in The Oregonian

Portland officials urge residents to stay off the road as crews work to clear main arteries

Maxine Bernstein in The Oregonian

Officials hold 'State of the City' amid wintry blast

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Thank you for a job well done!

February 10, 2014

On behalf of the City Council, I’d like to thank all of our dedicated City employees for their outstanding work during the winter storm.

As members of the Disaster Policy Council, Commissioner Novick and I witnessed first-hand the high level of team work and communication among our City bureaus.

During four challenging days, everyone rolled up their sleeves and took care of business. Here are just a few highlights:

The Portland Bureau of Emergency Management, and in particular Director Carmen Merlo, oversaw and coordinated all aspects of our emergency response.

The Bureau of Emergency Communications and our 911 call center fielded and dispatched significantly increased calls.

Firefighters and Police conducted welfare checks, responded to emergencies and transported homeless and others in need to shelter.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation's maintenance crews worked round the clock, plowing snow, de-icing and sanding streets across the city.

Portland Water Bureau employees assisted residents with frozen pipes and swiftly responded to water main breaks.

Portland Parks & Recreation's Park Rangers and Urban Forestry crews lent a hand to the public and cleared fallen trees.

The Portland Housing Bureau's homelessness team coordinated with nonprofit and faith service providers and the Red Cross to expand winter shelter space and collect and distribute warm clothing, blankets and meals.

Please accept my thanks and appreciation for a job well done! You represent the best of the city.

Nick Fish