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Nick Fish (In Memoriam)

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Celebrity Spelling Bee


January 30, 2015

Yesterday, Nick was proud to participate in Schoolhouse Supplies’ annual Celebrity Spelling Bee.

In a surprise turn of events, he came in 2nd!

Congratulations to the champion, K103’s John Erickson, who correctly spelled ‘pusillanimous.’

The competition was fierce, with former NBA Trail Blazer, Jerome Kersey, two-time Celebrity Spelling Bee champion, Dandy Warhol’s Zia McCabe, and more local celebrities vying for the top spot.  Portland Timber’s mascot, Timber Joey, helped judge the event. 

Nick’s first word was easy – ‘environmental.’   It was followed by ‘adhesion,’ ‘asterisks,’ and ‘mensch.'   By that point, it was down to the final two contestants, Nick and John.  Both spelled ‘ecclesiastical’ wrong, and then came the infamous ‘pusillanimous,' taking Nick out of the competition.  John’s final winning word was ‘perinephrium.'

Still not sure what it means!

Schoolhouse Supplies is a wonderful non-profit, dedicated to providing our teachers and students with free school supplies.  Since their founding, Schoolhouse Supplies has distributed nearly $20 million in supplies to local classrooms, and more than 95,000 backpacks to students in our community. 

Thank you to Schoolhouse Supplies for your continued support for Portland’s teachers and students! 

And, once again, congratulations to John Erickson. 

Check out Schoolhouse Supplies' website for more information about the great organization. 

PDX Tonight: Schoolhouse Supplies Celebrity Spelling Bee

KGW News

How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes

February 2, 2015

This month, Portland Playhouse presents Sojourn Theatre’s How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes (With 99 People You May or May Not Know).

How to End Poverty is a provocative and interactive play that uses the arts to ask hard questions about a timely subject: the growing inequality in our country.

Written by Michael Rohd and Sojourn Theatre, the play encourages audience involvement as it explores ways to attack poverty. At the end of each performance, the audience will be asked to decide the “best” way to combat poverty. Based on the result, a local non-profit will receive $1,000!

Nick is proud to support the play, and to participate in the discussion with the audience on Friday, February 13.

Portland playhouse is local non-profit arts organization dedicated to providing diverse audiences with delightful, interactive performances that celebrate the complexity of life.

How to End Poverty runs from February 4 – 22 at Portland Playhouse. Check out Portland Playhouse’s website for more information and to purchase tickets.

Give Kids a Smile

February 3, 2015

On Saturday, in honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month, Kaiser Permanente Northwest will Give Kids a Smile. It’s a free dental care day for uninsured and underinsured children in the greater Portland area.  

Oral health care is very important for overall wellness. Cavities and tooth decay, known as ‘caries,’ are the most chronic childhood illnesses. We want all of our children to start out life with healthy, pain-free teeth. Children who receive dental sealants are significantly less likely to need fillings in the next three years. 

Kaiser’s free services include dental sealants, vaccinations, and fluoride varnishes.

Clinics are open to the public from 8 am to 1 pm. Check out Kaiser Permanente Dental’s website for more information and locations. 

Kaiser Permanente Northwest to ‘Give Kids a Smile’

Kaiser Permanente Northwest in The Oregonian

Kaiser offers free dental care Feb. 7

In the Hillsboro Tribune

Photo courtesy of The Oregonian. 

The weeds are blossoming

February 5, 2015

According to the groundhog’s prediction, we have another 6 weeks of winter. And, though spring is far away, the invasive weed, spurge laurel, has started blooming. 

Spurge laurel is a large, invasive weed that grows in clumps that are 3 to 5 feet tall.  Its blossoms are yellow-green and have a bitter scent.  

The Bureau of Environmental Services recommends to remove the weed by completely digging it up, down to roots, to limit re-growth.  Spurge laurel is toxic, so take precautions to stay safe and avoid a nasty rash. 

Check out Bureau of Environmental Services’ website to learn more. 

Portland International Film Festival

February 5, 2015

Don’t miss this year’s Portland International Film Festival (PIFF).

Presented by NW Film Center, PIFF is celebrating its 38th year showcasing global diversity through cinematic storytelling. The festival highlights an array of films, documentaries, and shorts from over 50 countries!

The NW Film Center receives support from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.  The Center is dedicated to providing many exhibitions, festivals, educational programs, and art services to our community.  

PIFF starts today and runs through February 21.

Check out the the NW Film Center’s website for more information, including showtimes and locations.