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The City of Portland, Oregon

Nick Fish (In Memoriam)

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Park Damage

October 20, 2011

Many people have asked us how the damage done to Lownsdale and Chapman Squares is different from what happens at Waterfront Park and other parks that host large events.

Here’s the difference: Unlike the Occupy Portland camp, which is officially considered illegal, other events have gotten permits through a process designed to keep our parks in the best condition possible for all Portlanders.

The process begins with an application. If the space is available and there are no obvious limitations that might preclude the event, we accept the application. But before we issue a permit, several requirements must be met:

-  The applicant must get the approval of the park’s supervisor and work directly with them to make sure they’re aware of and willing to abide by all park requirements.

-  The applicant must provide a $1,000,000 insurance certificate and additional insured endorsement naming the City on the policy.

-  Depending on the proposed activities and structures, the applicant may be required to secure permits from other City, County, and State departments and bureaus (Fire, Police, Noise, OLCC,CountyHealth, etc.)

Once the event begins, permittees are subject to damage fees. Damage fees cover expected damage from activities and structures being placed within the park – tents, stages, vehicles, pathways, portable restrooms, estimated foot traffic, etc. - and are also incurred when other property damage is done during the event.

Additionally, every permittee pays renovation fees, which support the regular ongoing maintenance of the park – re-seeding, turf leveling, etc.

Permit fees, damage fees, and renovation fees all support the health and maintenance of our parks. We’re very proud of our world-class parks system, and our permit process helps us make sure it stays that way.

* Of special note for Waterfront Park is that the major permittees have joined to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars for the complete renovation of the park. This was negotiated above and beyond the permit fees.