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<i>Oregonian</i> issues call for bold new thinking on homelessness

November 21, 2011

This morning, The Oregonian's Editorial Board put out the call for creative, innovative strategies to address homelessness in Portland: "The Occupy Portland encampment may be fading in the rearview mirror, but the five-week 'occupation' did showcase one thing: homelessness."

While we know camping is not a long-term solution to the crisis of homelessness, keeping people out of the cold is essential: "City Commissioner Nick Fish," they write, "is looking at allowing homeless people to temporarily camp in their cars on church parking lots, for instance, if a church gives persmission."

"After Occupy Portland," the Editorial Board writes, "this community should be brainstorming, experimenting and accelerating all of its efforts to move people into housing. This winter, with the help of the city, the county, nonprofits and churches, Portland has the smarts and creativity to put its arms around this problem in a new way. And, in the process, put its arms around the homeless."

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Putting our arms around homelessness

The Oregonian Editorial Board, November 21

Photo: The Occupy Portland encampment, courtesy flickr user mark.hogan