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Our Parks Ambassadors

April 25, 2013

Yesterday, The Portland Observer ran a story on our fantastic Park Rangers program.

The story by Cari Hachmann highlighted the great work that the Rangers are doing in our community to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy our Gold Medal system.

Last year, we were proud to introduce an expanded downtown Portland Parks & Recreation Rangers program throughout our city’s parks and natural areas. The rangers focus is not just on enforcing park rules but connecting with the community by acting as an extra set of eyes and ears to keep our parks safe and fun. These rangers are our “parks ambassadors.”

All Rangers have been certified by the Department of Public Safety and have trained with Oregon State Parks, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office, and the Portland Police Bureau.

But that’s not what makes them special.

Beyond their formal training, PP&R wanted to make sure that they brought on rangers that could truly connect with the community that they would serve. The Rangers’ ability to connect with who they are serving has truly made our Park Rangers a success!

Thank you and great job Park Rangers!

The Parks have eyes

Cari Hachmann in The Portland Observer

Photo courtesy of The Portland Observer