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Building a better Buffalo Slough

March 26, 2014

The Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) carefully constructed a new culvert over the Buffalo Slough in Northeast Portland, creating a better, cleaner habitat for fish and other wildlife.

The new NE 33rd Drive culvert crosses the Buffalo Slough, which is a branch of the larger Columbia Slough. The culvert replaces an old one that was too small and high for water to pass through.  Without good flow, water temperature would rise, decreasing the Slough’s water quality.  The old culvert also blocked fish and wildlife passage.  Many critters, including turtles, fish, mussels, and birds call the Buffalo Slough home. 

The new culvert is 12 feet high and allows for plenty of water to flow, greatly improving the Slough’s water quality – and allowing fish and other wildlife to pass through comfortably. City crews also built new sidewalks and street-side planters along NE 33rd Drive to provide safer pedestrian walkways and better manage stormwater runoff.

To learn more about the NE 33rd Drive Culvert Project, visit BES’ website.