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Contemporary Native Photographers

March 14, 2016

The Portland Art Museum has a beautiful exhibition featuring a blend of modern Native American photographs with older, idealized photographs of Native Americans called, Contemporary Native Photographers and the Edward Curtis Legacy: Zig Jackson, Wendy Red Star, Will Wilson.

Talented Native American photographers, Jackson, Red Star, and Wilson, provide a modern and contemporary interpretation of Native Americans through photography. Edward Sheriff Curtis’ photographs are also featured, from his stunning publication, The North American Indian.

His publication includes over 1,500 photos of more than 80 Native American tribes, taken from 1907-1930. Curtis, a non-Native, believed in highlighting and preserving Native cultures through photos. His work received both praise and criticism, as many photos were romanticized representations of Native culture.

The exhibit is a response to the dialogue surrounding Curtis’ controversial photos. It showcases Native American photographs alongside Curtis’ photographs, providing a unique look into non-Native and Native perspectives of the portrayal of Native Americans in photography.

Check out the Portland Art Museum's website for more information.

Photo courtesy of Portland Art Museum.