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The City of Portland, Oregon

Fire & Police Disability & Retirement

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What to Do if You are Injured on the Job

What To Do If You are Injured On The Job



Here's what you need to do to ensure timely payment while off duty or seeking medical treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses.
Forms and Reports -- Submit all three (3) forms to file a new injury/illness claim or new recurrence of a previous claim -- whether or not you have time loss from work.
  • Disability in Line of Duty Report (DILD) After you fill out the DILD, your supervisor completes the investigative section and faxes FPDR a copy along with your injury log/report and After-Action (Police) --FAX (503) 823-5166. Your supervisor forwards the original report through channels to the Chief. FPDR uses the faxed report to start work on the pending claim.
  • Work Status Report (WSR) Have your physician complete a Work Status Report each pay period until you return to work, unless your claim analyst waives this requirement. Submit the form to your supervisor for signatures. It is your responsibility to ensure that your supervisor receives this form.Do not count on your doctor's office to submit it for you. If you are capable of limited duty, have your doctor list your restrictions even if limited duty may not be available.
  • Attending Physician's Report (APR) After you have completed the "Member Report" section of the APR, give to your Attending Physician to complete the "Physician Report" section. The report is confidential and should be sent directly by your doctor to FPDR, not to your workplace.


Here's what you need to do if you'll be missing time from work and off city payroll because of your injury/illness.
  • Call City Benefits Department (503) 823-6031 to arrange to self-pay supplemental life insurance. If you are off work for more than six months, you may qualify for a waiver of premiums. Contact Benefits.
  • If you need to be off duty for at least four pay periodsafter approval of your claim, you may arrange for deposit of your FPDR benefit directly to your bank account. Complete FPDR's authorization form and attach a voided check. Check with FPDR to find the date direct deposits will begin.
  • You must self-pay Fire or Police Beneficiary dues, union dues and any payments automatically deducted from your regular paycheck (i.e., mortgage payments). We are not able to make these deductions. Call your union, bank or lending institution to make these arrangements.
  • Notify Court Coordinator (Police only) of your expected length of disability.
  • Please note: Deferred Compensation deductions will not be made from disability payments.

REMEMBER to seek medical treatment for work injuries and illnesses from medical providers approved by FPDR.

Questions about City-provided health insurance payments? Call City Benefits Department at (503) 823-6031.
  • If you are on service-connected injury/illness or occupational disability leave the City pays for Employer-Provided medical, dental, vision and life premiums for the first 24 months from the date of initial disability. After that, you may be responsible for payment of premiums. Call City Benefits Department for more information.
If you are exposed to blood or infectious disease, your first call should be to your Bureau Exposure Contact -- Fire: Janet Woodside Gomez (503) 823-3879; Police: Carolyn Williams (503) 823-5238.

  • FPDR office may contact you to get more information about your claim.
  • FPDR may schedule an independent medical evaluation to obtain more information about your condition and treatment.
  • FPDR will reduce disability compensation if you are earning income from other employment. You are responsible for reporting outside earnings while on disability.
  • After one year, FPDR will reduce disability compensation if you are medically stationary and capable of substantial, gainful employment.
  • After one year off-duty, FPDR will place you on a monthly payment schedule.
  • FPDR may provide vocational rehabilitation services if you are not able to return to work for your bureau.

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