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The City of Portland, Oregon

Hearings Office

City of Portland

tel: 503-823-7307

fax: 503-823-4347


1900 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 3100, Portland, OR 97201

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Please note: The following information is provided to give you a starting place for finding the relevant Portland City Code regulations and administrative rules which may apply in your case. Your case may involve other specific provisions found in other portions of City Code, administrative rules, or state law. If you have questions about the regulations, rules, or other laws which apply to your case, you may wish to contact the City bureau involved in your appeal.

The Hearings Office cannot assist you with legal research.

General information  Tow Appeals 

Appeals In Cases Other Than Tows

Code Enforcement Cases  Land Use Hearings


In General

The entire Portland City Code and City Charter 

City Code Title 22 — City Code regulations governing the Hearings Officer  

Tow Appeals

City Code Regulations:

Title 16 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 16.10 Administrative Provisions

Chapter 16.20 Public Right-of-Way Parking

Chapter 16.30 Towing & Disposition of Vehicles

Chapter 16.35 Designated Parking Management Plan District

Chapter 16.90 Definitions

Administrative Rules:

Tow Appeal Hearing Rules and Regulations Before the Hearings Officer - ARB-ADM-9.03

Appeals In Cases Other Than Tows (e.g., private-for-hire decisions issued by PBOT, etc.)

City Code Regulations:

Chapter 3.130 Administrative Appeals

Chapter 16.40 Private For-Hire Transportation Regulations

Chapter 22.10 Appeals to the Code Hearings Officer

Administrative Rules:

Appeal Administrative Rules ARB-ADM-9.05

Code Enforcement Cases (e.g., the City has alleged a code violation exists on your property, etc.)

City Code Regulations:

Chapter 22.02 Code Hearings Officer

Chapter 22.03 Code Enforcement Procedures

Chapter 22.05 Code Hearings Officer Powers

Chapter 22.06 Assessments

Title 29 Property Maintenance Regulations

Administrative Rules:

Code Hearings Officer Rules ARB-ADM-9.01

Land Use Hearings

City Code Regulations:

Title 33 Portland Zoning Code

Administrative Rules:

Land Use Hearing Procedures ARB-ADM-9.02