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The City of Portland, Oregon

Independent Police Review

Providing independent, civilian oversight of the Portland Police Bureau

phone: 503-823-0146

fax: 503-823-4571

1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 140, Portland, OR 97204

Daily Log Policy and Purpose

Policy updated: March 2016


Daily Contacts Log


The “Daily Log” of contacts serves as a reference point to confirm that IPR received a contact.  Questions about can arise if the contact with IPR was not a commendation or complaint, and therefore did not result in an entry into the AIM software.  Reference to the Daily Log should answer any questions about how IPR assisted the person who contacted IPR, such as by transferring a call or providing referral information.

The IPR Investigator “on duty” will note all received commendations and complaints on a Daily Log, corresponding to the date of receipt at IPR.   The IPR Investigator “on duty” will also record other contacts with IPR - whether via phone, in-person contact, or electronic submissions – and note the outcome of the contact.   An example outcome, is that the person who called IPR was referred to a different agency with jurisdiction over their complaint.  It is not necessary to create a record of a phone call or email that was merely forwarded to another member of the IPR staff.


Information and Referral by On Duty Investigator


The IPR Investigator “on duty” often receives contacts – by phone, in person, or by e-mail – that do not constitute a commendation or complaint.  It is the responsibility of the investigator to provide information or refer the person to other resources, as appropriate.  The investigator “on duty” might find that the person needs a referral to a different law enforcement agency, or a different government agency.  The investigator might find that they can pass on a message or suggestion to an appropriate person at the Portland Police Bureau.   The investigator will consult with an IPR Director if there is a question about how best to make a referral. 

If the contact concerns a traffic citation, or other matter that will be heard by a judge or hearings officer, the IPR Investigator will discuss the avenues for judicial or other hearing.  The IPR Investigator will then ask the person if they still wish to make a complaint about the officer’s behavior in addition to the judicial avenue for resolution, and will take the complaint if requested.