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The City of Portland, Oregon

Independent Police Review

Providing independent, civilian oversight of the Portland Police Bureau

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Allegation Formation

Policy Updated: March 2016

Allegation Formation


An allegation is a description of possible misconduct by an individual officer. An allegation must be a violation of a Police Bureau Directive. Each allegation will include a brief narrative statement and include the Police Bureau Directive being relied upon.

Allegation format will include:

  • Number.  PPB Member rank, given name, and surname, followed by alleged action/inaction. (CATEGORY OF ALLEGATION)(Directive Number – Directive Title).



Officer John Smith used unnecessary force against Complainant Tim Jones. (FORCE) (Directive 1010.20 – Physical Force)

Care should be taken to craft an allegation that conveys the issue raised by the complainant while making sure each allegation addresses a policy violation.  An allegation must describe an act or failure to act which would constitute misconduct under a PPB Directive; this must be true in order for an administrative investigation to support any potential disciplinary consequence for the involved officer.

In Investigator Comments, for each allegation, provide any comments or details provided by the complainant.   Although the allegation itself should not contain details such as exact time, or a specific statement by the involved officer, the Investigator should use the Comments section to expand understanding of the specific event, action, or inaction encompassed by each allegation.

All Allegations will include an allegation category as defined below:


  1. Force – An allegation of use of excessive or inappropriate force.  The Police Bureau defines force as physical coercion used to affect, direct or influence an individual, as well as the pointing of a firearm and use of maximum restraint. Control holds and un-resisted handcuffing do not constitute force unless physical or mechanical intervention is applied against physical resistance.


  1. Control Techniques- An allegation that a “control technique” was used unreasonably or inappropriately.  This would include control holds, hobble, “take downs,” and handcuffing.


  1. Conduct: An allegation that tends to bring reproach or discredit upon the Police Bureau or the City. It involves behavior by a member that is unprofessional, unjustified, beyond the scope of their authority, or unsatisfactory work performance.  Typically, this would include violation of the Bureaus’ Standard of Conduct, Conform to Laws, Unsatisfactory Performance, Truthfulness, etc.


  1. Disparate Treatment - Allegations of specific action or statement that indicate inappropriate treatment of an individual that is different from another because of race, sex, age, national origin or physical disability.  Covered by Directive 344.05 (Biased Based Policing) and HR Rule 2.2


  1. Courtesy – Allegations relating to attitude and rude or discourteous conduct other than disparate treatment



  1. Procedure -  Allegation that an administrative or procedural requirement was not met. This would normally include areas such as failing to write a report, notebook entries, inappropriate handling of property/evidence.