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The City of Portland, Oregon

Independent Police Review

Providing independent, civilian oversight of the Portland Police Bureau

phone: 503-823-0146

fax: 503-823-4571

1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 140, Portland, OR 97204

IA Investigations Review

Reference: City Code 3.21.070

PSF 5.01

Policy updated: March 2016

IA Investigations Review


IPR oversees and is involved in all IA investigations, and has the following review authority:

  • May participate in interviews of involved officers and witnesses.
  • Has access to all evidence gathered during the investigation while the investigation is ongoing
  • Must approve the investigation as thorough, complete, and impartial before it is forwarded to involved officer’s commander for recommended findings and proposed discipline.

After the IA administrative investigation is complete, IA will forward a copy of the summary investigative report to IPR for review and comment.

Reviewing an Administrative Investigation

The IPR Director will review investigation documents, including but not limited to:

  •  IA investigative report
  •  IA interview transcripts
  •  Exhibits, as referenced in IA investigative report
  • Reference material, as referenced in IA investigative report
  • Notes made in AIM or IPR report as notable issues for investigation
  • Original complaint
  • Directives


After review and before approval of investigation, it is helpful to review and fill out IPR Administrative Investigation Review check list document and add to case file.  The check list highlights the following as part of the review:


  • Complainant interviewed or justified in IA report
  • Non-police witnesses, if any - interviewed or justified in IA report
  • Real evidence addressed or explained
  • Significant factual discrepancies, if any – resolved or addressed
  • Officer(s) asked to fully explain justifications for actions (if relevant)
  • All allegations identified and addressed
  • Objective and unbiased
  • Issues for IPR Director’s attention


IPR Director is also able to document whether the investigation is approved as is, request changes or additional work or approve with comment or compliment.  Expected findings can also be documented on the checklist.

If the IPR Director determines that investigation is inadequate, the investigation shall be returned to the IA explaining the determination and providing direction. The investigation cannot be closed or sent to the RU manager without IPR’s determination that the investigation is complete.  Upon receipt of IPR’s determination that the investigation is complete, IAD shall send the investigation to the appropriate RU manager.

After review of the IA investigation, the IPR Director will send written correspondence to IA advising that the investigation has been reviewed, approved and is ready for RU manager review for recommended findings.