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Commissioner Steve Novick

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Phone: 503-823-4682

fax: 503-823-4019

1221 SW 4th Ave. Suite 210, Portland, OR 97204

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View More Years from now, Mayor Hales remembers how he saved Portland

December 19, 2013 | I have to tell you that at the time, I didn’t realize just how simple it would turn out to be.

We were moving into the Christmas season, the holiday season depending upon your beliefs, I guess, and Portland was a bit of a mess. It’s not that we didn’t have a lot of things going for us - Portlandia, Pink Martini, access to great wine - it’s just that there were problems.

At the top of the list - or certainly near it - was the fact that our roads were not in such great shape.

How bad were they? Well, with some 60 miles of unpaved roads it was rare that a week would go by without emergency crews having to respond to a report of a car being swallowed by a pothole. And while they were often rescued, there was more than one bicyclist who was never heard from again.

The problem was that we didn’t really have any money to do a whole lot about it.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to pave 60 miles of roads and fix a bunch of potholes but it’s not easy.

Then one day, my colleague, Commissioner Steve Novick bounded into my office all smiles.

“Mr. Mayor!” he exclaimed. “I’ve got the answer to our problems!”

He had my attention.

“I think we both agree that we need to leave no stone unturned in READ FULL ARTICLE