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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office for Community Technology

Broadband & Communications Policy, Cable Regulation & Consumer Protection and Utility Franchises, Licenses & Wireless

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Broadband & Digital Equity in Portland's Comprehensive Plan

In July of 2015 the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) Recommended a New Comprehensive Plan to City Council. The update included policies on broadband, digital equity and open data. You can find it online here:

Relevant Updates Include:

Policy 2.11 Open Data. Ensure planning and investment decisions are a collaboration among stakeholders, including those listed in Policy 2.1. The City works with the software development community, data providers, and other professionals with relevant expertise to advise on open data practices and priorities, ensure oversight, and to maximize the utility of City data sets. Data collected and generated by the City are: 

  • Publicized, accessible, and widely shared. 
  • Open by default, in the public domain, freely redistributable, and adhere to open standards.

Exceptions may be made due to compelling concerns of privacy, security, liability or cost, and should only be granted in accordance with clearly defined criteria and oversight.

The policy related to broadband expresses the idea that broadband must be available in all parts of the city and commits the City to reducing disparities:

Policy 8.118 Equity, capacity, and reliability. Encourage regulatory approaches and investments in technology and communication infrastructure, such as broadband, to ensure access in all areas of the city, reduce disparities in capacity, and affordability and provide high‐performance, reliable service for Portland’s residents and businesses.

The letter from the Commission transmitting the document highlights the importance of these policies: Technology has become an essential ingredient in prosperity and access to opportunity. In 2015, access to communications infrastructure is as important as transportation infrastructure. Accordingly, we have recommended a suite of broadband and open data policies.

OCT looks forward to continuing to work with our community partners as we advocate for implementing legislation, actions and funding!