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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office for Community Technology

Broadband & Communications Policy, Cable Regulation & Consumer Protection and Utility Franchises, Licenses & Wireless

Phone: 503-823-5385

1120 SW 5th Ave, Suite 405, Portland, OR 97204

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DEAP Strategic Actions

Based on the DEAP framework, partner organizations are developing strategic action activities to meet their constituency's digital access needs. Many partners have acted on the plan with activities such as providing free computers in exchange for training completion, and door-to-door surveying of residents of low-income public housing to identify technology needs.

DEAP Strategic Action Activities (updated Oct 2018)


Project Descriptions

We are always looking for new partners. To submit an activity description, please use this Google Form. Refer to the DEAP Summary Chart to match your project with DEAP goals/objective and strategic action.

Impact Story

Share a DEAP impact story or learning, such as:

  • why your organization is serving a particular population (what you know about the population and their need) and how you are attempting to address the need; or
  • a training you provided that was particularly promising or effective (use the DEAP Criteria for Promising/Effective Activities to explain how/why it worked); or
  • the impact your work had on an individual's digital life - an anecdotal story or quote from a participant for example; or 
  • how the DEAP and/or your involvement in the DIN has impacted your work (see Capacity Building examples below); or
  • 'by the numbers' impact - for example: how many training hours offered since adoption of the DEAP (April 2016), the languages you offer trainings in, how many computers donated, how many participants served (by target population group if you have it);etc.

You can send your stories to us via this Google Form. And don't forget to include photos if you have them!


DEAP Target Populations:

  • Low income individuals and families
  • Older adults
  • People of color
  • People with disabilities
  • People with limited English proficiency

DEAP Criteria for identifying Promising/Effective Activities:

To be considered promising, the activity should:

• Engage the targeted population in the activity design/planning/assessment
• Be designed based on best practices/research
• Provide informative feedback to practitioners about the learning progress of the targeted population
• Allow for targeted population learners to self-assess progress

To be considered effective over time, the activity should:

• Reach the targeted population
• Be potentially transferable and scalable to other targeted populations
• Indicate evidence of reducing the digital divide for a targeted population

Capacity Building:

As a result of the DEAP, did your organization:

  • form new partnerships?
  • improve its ability to meet client needs?
  • refocus resources or identify new resources?
  • expand services / client base?
  • place greater priority on this work?